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    My daughter has chronic fatigue. Does anyone know of a good doctor or specialist for her to see in the Denver, Littleton, Ft. Collins or (preferably) Greeley, Colorado area. We have been so frustrated because most doctors don't even acknowledge or know about chronic fatigue. what kind of a specialist should she be seeing?
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    Boulder, CO
    Dr. Milt Hammerly, MD
    Helios Health Center
    4150 Darley Avenue, Suite 1
    Boulder, CO 80303
    Tel: (303) 499-9224
    Fax (303) 499-9593
    (He is both knowledgable about CFS/CFIDS, various herbs and vitamin/minerals, and supportive. Very open about costs of tests and freely invite patient participation in seeking a "path to wellness".)

    George Young, M.D., Rheumatology
    Boulder Medical Center
    2750 Broadway
    Boulder, Colorado 80304
    Tel: (303) 440-3000
    (Wonderful doctor! Very up-to-date on the latest information about FM.)

    Hope this Helps---It is important to consider driving a distance in order to get the latest, most knowlegefilled treatment. The Doc I see here, in Texas takes a full days drive, but well worth it---as much progress has been made on my quest to wellness...
    Best wishes,LL

    Colorado Springs, CO
    Dr. George Juetersonke, D.O.
    Wyndham Hill Clinic
    Suite 200, 5455 N. Union Blvd.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
    Tel: (719) 528-1960
    (This doctor diagnoses and treats both CFS and FMS. Very knowledgeable, up-to-date and open minded. Very gentle, compassionate nature plus a sense of humor.)

    David Elwonger, MD
    108 E. St. Vrain, Suite 11
    Colo. Springs, CO 80903

    Timothy Hall, M.D.
    1625 Medical Center Point
    Colo. Springs, CO 80907
    (Physiatry -- rehab medicine -- pain management)

    Denver, CO
    Can call organization in Denver, CO, called 'ASK-A-NURSE' and request the names of doctors who listed themselves as treating CFS.

    Ron Rosen, OMD
    Denver, CO
    Tel: (303) 333-9977
    (Highly qualified, highly talented acupuncturist with much knowledge in associated fields. Also a knowledgable herbalist.)

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    Hello Cowqueen, welcome to the board. I see you have received an answer to your question, but your post went to the second page.

    So I am welcoming you, and wish you luck with your daughter, let us know how she does.

    Shalom, Shirl