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    Anyone out there living in Kentucky and knows of good Fibromyalgia Doc please let me know
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    Louisville, KY
    Saundra Newton, PT
    Hands On Physical Therapy, PSC.
    4919 - C Dixie Highway
    Louisville, KY 40216
    Tel: (502)449-0333
    Fax: (502)449-7167
    ("She still specializes in Fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions, but has expanded her knowledge in enhancing the immune response. Also see patients with TMJ disorders, chronic headaches, osteoarthritis and other spinal dysfunctions. Patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder report additional benefits, as well. She has helped me more then anyone.")


    Stanton, KY
    Dr. Charles Noss
    Family Practice
    Main Street
    Stanton, Ky. 40380
    Tel: (606) 663-2511
    (Dr. Noss is a highly respected physician, trusted by countless hundreds, in his many faithful years of professional health care. When he diagnosed my fibromyalgia, he had patiently and carefully studied my history, symptoms, and diagnostic testing, to rule out other disease processes. He now keeps very close contact with my condition to study the progression of the disease in order to adjust my care as needed.)

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    Thank you for the info will check it out.