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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by countrygirl, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. countrygirl

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    I live in the bryan, tx area and have not had any luck finding a doctor to work with me on my fibromyalgia. Is there any one out there from this area or even the Houston area who has found a doctor they really like and have had success with? I am willing to travel to Houston or even Austin to find someone good.
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    I am not a lot of help because all of my doctors are in Dallas so this is just a suggestion...will the doctor who diagnosed you with fibro give you a referal?...if he will not, there is an excellent medical school in Galveston...Universtity of Texas...I would call there and see someone in their neurology or rumatology department...I know I did not spell that right...but that would be your best bet I would think...My doctors are all with UT southwest in Dallas...and they are wonderful about working with me with both my MS and Fibro...I hope that helps...KayLyn
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    I am in Austin Texas... call Texas Pain Rehabilitation Institute for referral 512-310-7246 website is tx- Maybe they can help...this my docter Dr.Owens and Larry Mays
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    Have you checked out the doctor referral available from this site? Just go to the top of this page and click on Doctor Referral. Then click on Co-Cure Good Docs list. This will take you to the Co-Cure website which includes a list of doctors who have been recommended by other patients. There are several listed for Texas, including in Houston and Austin.

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    I live in Louisiana and have a great dr., but the leader of the local CFS/FM support group said many of her "clients" (not sure what she meant by that) have found great success with this dr. in Houston:

    Patricia D.Salvato, M.D.
    4126 SouthWest Freeway, Suite 1700
    Houston, TX 77027
    Tel: (713) 961-7100

    I know nothing more about her, except she IS listed on the good dr. site.

    Hope this helps,