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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Truesun, May 11, 2008.

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    Hi my fellow Lyme sufferers. I posted awhile back about my diagnoses after 11 years of so-called CFS. I was seeing Dr. Lerner. I recently posted on the CFS board about my bizarre experience there and his yelling at me. I have since read others posts and realize he just didn't want to deal with the Lyme treatment. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any that do. I don't live far from Pittsburgh and I thought for sure there would be lots of Lyme Doctors there. Wrong. I actually saw were wone Dr. wrote that Lyme is EASY to diagnose and treat with 14-21 days of antibiotics. Do they really believe this stuff? Anyhow, anyone know of any Dr. I already checked and there are still none close. One family near us has a daughter with Lyme and their taking her to Conneticut. This is ridiculous when you look at the Lyme Stats and realize how many of us there are. Having this illness is like being in a really bad dream. Thanks, Truesun
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    The one where you can't wake up!

    I have to drive from Central IL to another state. Stinks!! I don't expect a doc to move into my garage and see other patients but traveling hundreds of miles when you are sick stinks.

    I recently went to a Chicago Lyme support group meeting. Found 5 others from IL seeing the same doctor. It's crazy that we are all commuting separately. I'd like to organize a lyme bus so we could all go on the same day.