Need Dr. in Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lynn52000, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. Lynn52000

    Lynn52000 New Member

    Iam going to be moving to Salt Lake City in about 3 weeks.
    If anyone here knows of any doctors in the SLC area who treats fibromyalgia I would really appreciate hearing from you.
    Thanks so much.
  2. bugshale

    bugshale New Member

    Just moved from there, Dr. Elena Hewitt, is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Lynn52000

    Lynn52000 New Member

    Thanks so much. That's a big help to me. I'll look her up when I get there. Thanks...........
  4. DHolcomb

    DHolcomb New Member

    I have been searching for a Dr. for 3 months that tx Fibro and CFS here in the SLC area! I just found this web-site and the answer to my prayers! I did find a support group Lynn~ I called them today and left a message so hopefully I can get some info on them. E-mail me once you arrive and I will let you know everything I have found out while you are in transition! [email address removed as per rules]
    Have a great weekend!
  5. Lynn52000

    Lynn52000 New Member

    Hi Donna, How do you like living in SLC so far?
    I'm looking forward to getting there.
    When you find out more about the FMS
    support group please let me know.
    I'm very interested.
    I was wondering.....what part of the
    city do you live in?
    I'll be living in West Jordan.
    Talk to you soon,
  6. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Try the get a doctor from the of U in their pain clinic. And look in the yellow pages. I don't have my docotr in Salt Lake Coty because I live north of it and hate to drove there everymonth to pick up meds. Call some of the doctors and ask who they thinnk treats pain and fibro . I found my doctor here in Logan and it is great for me he is the best and helps me alot and doesn't make me do things thata I don't want to do like the steriod facet injections. HE is good when I go and see him on the 13th I will ask him who is a good pain doc that works with fibro in SLC I will get back to you take care Rosemarie
  7. Lynn52000

    Lynn52000 New Member

    Hi Rosemarie,
    I'm happy for you that you are pleased with the treatment you are getting from your doctor. If he is able to reccommend someone for me that would be great. Thanks so much. BTW we spent some
    time in Logan recently and found the area to be very beautiful. As it turned out we found a home we liked in WEST Jordan.
    Take Care
    Waiting to hear from you after your next office visit.
  8. ellie-b

    ellie-b New Member

    I am looking for a dr in SLC and mentbugshale mentioned one can you give me a little more infor on her, expecially where she is I have looked in DEX and others searches can you please help me. Thanks ellie

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