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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bluemagic, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Bluemagic

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    Does anyone know of 1 a good CFS DR in Phoenix Az Area
    2, Does anyone know a Dr Doing CBT in Phoenix or a good therapist. I am so depressed I am ready to give up. My husband cannot take it anymore and says If I cannot get my depression under control he is leaving.
  2. kgg

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    I go to Dr. Scott Rigden. He doesn't take many insurances and is expensive. But he takes time with you, the first appointment is an hour or so long. His approach is functional medicine. He has a web site, just do a search under his name.

    Also, on this site is a good doctors list and a support group list that also includes a pyschologist if I remember right. The buttons are at the top of the page.

    Thirdly, if you do a message search (button above) and type in "phoenix", you will see some other physicians mentioned in past posts that people recommend.

    Hope this helps. Don't know what CBT is so can't help you there. What are you doing for your depression so far? I know that, that black cloud is no fun, hope it blows away soon for you. -Karen
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    Hi from PHX AZ! I only know an MD doc and shes the best!!! I just started going to her, Dr Connie Abarikwu, in PHX. shes at Oasis Medical Center. 602-996-7077 She helps me w/depression, pain, insomnia and everyday stuff besides the FM. Shes a good listener. And she does respect us people w/FM, THis is the first time I ever walked into a docs office and she did not roll her eyes. she believes in these DD. Please keep us posted I will pray for you. One other thing, DO NOT LET YOUR HUSBAND TELL YOU HE WILL LEAVE IF YOU DONT FIND HELP... MARRIAGE IS FOR "BETTER OR WORSE" tell him, what if he were in a car wreck and couldnt do anything for himself, would he expect you to take care of him? , or leave him????? just a thought, you do not need someone saying that to you in this time of depression, that is just adding gasoline to the fire,,,,,,, you are in my prayers, and blessings, IGgy
    PS, change your title to DOC NEEDED IN PHX AZ, more people will respond!!!!![This Message was Edited on 08/22/2003]