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    Dear Fibro Friends!
    Well my ALJ hearing has finally arrived this Wed. & I sure am nervous, anxious & scared. I have a wonderful lawyer who guaranteed me from day one that we would win. He knows the judge (a woman) & has never lost a case with her. She is suppose to be the best here. (Chicago) But that doesn't make me feel any better. I hate having to answer questions defending my illnesses & am afraid that FIBRO FOG will set in big time. I know many of you have been in the same boat. So please tell me that everything will be o.k.
    I've searched many web sites (& many threads on this site) so I am well prepared as to how I should look & the correct way to answer many questions. I feel better aleady just sharing with all of you. Thanx in advance for a great, great website.
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    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way grammms :) and an extra hug just for you. :)

    Keep us posted,
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    Hi Grammms, take a deep breath and try and relax, it will be over before you know it. I fretted for weeks on end before my hearing, worried about everything.I had been turned down twice before getting to the hearing level which I hear is pretty common.It is a stressful event for sure but I worried about things that were not even brought up at the hearing.I didnt find out I had won my case for almost 3 months after .(which was also stressful going to mailbox each day waiting for the letter) Within a couple weeks after receiving the letter stamped "fully favorable" I received my back pay and Medicare part A&B. That part came very quickly. I had filed in 2003, so was a long time coming and I am very glad I didnt give up. I will be praying for peace to you and a "fully favorable decision"!! Take care and God Bless you!
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    Try to relax so you don't crash afterwards. Pace yourself, you may not find out for several months afterwards and you don't want to make yourself sicker.

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    and prayer coming your way...I'm sure everything will be fine and when I finally get a hearing date..please remind me to relax:) Good Luck tomorrow!!