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    I am not dealing well with my daughter being Ill (abghottie on this board) I am angry hurt and loss of her hopes and dreams has hit me hard.

    I am not handling this well I saw so much hope and promise in her future and now I am just crushed.

    My angry outburst have hurt her I know I don't mean to direct them at her or on her but I have counted on her so much that to see her inflicted with this has pushed me over the edge.

    you see she was going to be the one to graduate with out complications. my oldest had epelespy and couldn't my son in the navy had to take on role as father figure provider so he had to quit school. my 16 year old had so much happen to her that postramatic stress disorder ended her schooling and now my dream of one making it has just so over whelmed me I can't stop crying.

    She was my mom it's ok I will take care of you I will give you a home to stay I will do this for you I will be there for you. Having this dd myself I know what it will do to her.

    like so many have said on here don't give up the fight she has somuch fight in her I hope she doesn't lose it but I was her I could do anything I could take care of myself I didn't need anyone to take care of me now all that has changed and I know it will for her also.

    This school thing has so stressed me out I can't get through a day with out the overwhelming fibro fog. I mess up words so bad or can't think of them and i CAN'T MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE DD IN ME HOW DO i DO IT FOR HER?

    I have been on disability for one year and that was very humbling for me I worked all my life up until 2001 and took care of me with no help from others then to admit you can't it floored me.

    i just adjusted to it myself then to have the rug pulled out from under my daughter.

    Kaylee I am sorry I will adjust and I will be there for you just getting over the shock right now.
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    Here is a great BIG hug for you little mom. I am a mother myself of three adult kids and one grandbaby. I know we have such big dreams for our children and we take it so personally if something goes wrong. We are suppose to take care of our kids and not the other way around so society has let us to believe. I learned a long time ago that life isn't fair. I had alot of different issues with my kids growing up also and was a single mom. Nothing in this world hurts more, even more then our fibro, then to see our children hurt. I know I can't shoulder that myself alone. I have my spirituality that gets me thru every crisis that comes along. I would not have made it otherwise. I hope and pray that there is someone else in your family to come and help you and your daughter out when you need it. I know our church has volunteers to come out to those who need help. Sometimes we have to reach out for help even though you have never needed it. I hurt alot of the time but when I feel good I love to go help others. Let people feel good about themselves by helping you and God Bless.
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    I am a Mom with 2 teenage boys. My oldest 18, just graduated last June, he had a 504 plan for ADHD. I was just dx with this dd less than a month ago. I read your and Kaylee's posts, and my heart goes out to both of you. On Kaylee's post, Minime told her about a 504 plan for education. (Under FAPE, Free and Appropriate Public Education) She is correct. I am a special education teacher and I know that the school must accommodate her. Kaylee said that she has to give the school her med records. Not true. HIPPA, says that her med records are her business. What she does need is a note from her dr saying what her dx is, and specifically, what accommodations she needs to be successful in school. Call her dr and have him/her write out exactly what Kaylee needs, i.e., extra time to complete assignments, text books at home to help her, modified class schedule, etc. Then you call for an IEP (Individual Education Plan)meeting with all of Kaylee's teachers. Hang in there Mom. I know how tough it is for you and her. Remember one-day-at-a-time. Ask Kaylee's school counselor if there are any educational advocates that can be called to help you. They have to tell you if there is. Armed with knowledge, Kaylee can graduate, it might just take a little longer than you thought.

    Soft hugs,