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  1. I had hearing today. It was about 50 minutes of questions. I don't think I am going to win. He questioned me about a doctor visit where he said I didn't have any trouble getting around. That was my first docotr visit with dissability doctor. I have only a 9th grade education and they said Vocational expert said I could do table work. WHat the heckis that? Can anyone share their feeellings about their hearings?

    Did anyone feel like Judge didn't believe yoU? If I don't get this money it will destroy me. I can't go on living on 2 thousand a month for a family of 3. I told him how bad my anxiety is. How I cried 3 times a week still. Please any conforting stories. Thanks Ruthie
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    I haven't been through that before but I did want to send a gentle hug and positive
    thoughts your way.

    Keep us posted,
    Gentle hugs,Susan
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    Sorry you are having such a hard time....the whole disability circus is a pain, to say the least.....however, I really don't want to further discourage you, but there is something that you may not be aware of that is really important......disability income is extremely limited and there are also limits on what other money you can be getting while on it....I'm not sure where your 2,000 is coming from, but I know that for a single person, work related income of more than something like 900 a month means that you can no longer get disability....I don't know what the limits are for a larger family, or if the income makes a difference if it is not work related, but it is really important to know that....i do really hope that this works out for you, though
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    I went on disability 22 years ago & what I did was have a friend take me. I slouched down in my chair with uncombed hair, looking as awful as I could & used a lot of medical/scientific lingo to describe my condition. It worked & I got my disability
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    Isn't it frustrating that we have to LOOK like we are crazy and sick-o for someone to believe that we are experiencing pain? I am sorry you have to go through this experience. For too many years our social programs have been getting cut and are way too underfunded if they actually keep running. It says a lot about how we as a society value the poor, disabled, elderly, terminally ill, and anyone that needs assistance.

    I hope you have family or a church or good friends that can help you through some of this. I don't have the personal experience to help you with good legal advice, but I know you need to document EVERYTHING. Write down everything - meds, doctor visits, level of pain on a daily basis, articles you have found about the illness that may help your cause, and ask family/friends/former co-workers to write their view of you before and after your illness, whatever you think might help others understand that YOU CANNOT COPE ON A DAILY BASIS WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.

    What I know is that we have to be our own advocates. Nobody else is going to fight for us the way we can fight for ourselves. We are the ones who know.

    Keep reaching out. I believe in miracles.
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    I am sorry that you are feeling so down.

    I was reading your profile and I had a question unrelated to your disabilty hearing.

    I saw that your husband has fibro also, and possibly your son too.

    I wondered if you had properly ruled out chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme) as a possible cause of your symptoms?

    Borrelia is a bacterial infection spread by infected ticks. But, it can be sexually transmitted and also transmitted from mother to fetus and to a baby through breastfeeding, and blood transfusion.

    It is very suspicious that an infectious cause is involved when more than one family member is affected.

    I had a FM diagnosis for 21 years, when I discovered through my own research that I actually had a chronic borrelia infection causing all my symptoms.

    If you would like more information, please go to the Lyme board and leave a post
    for me.