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    Hi Everyone ~ As some of you know, I've been in The. Worst. Flare. of the 11 years of this illness. But I was out of vitamins so last week I dragged myself down to my local health food store and talked to the very informed owner.

    One of the things she recommended was Source of Life Liquid with concentrated whole food concentrates by Nature's Plus. I liked the idea of a liquid because I don't think I digest hard tablets well if at all.

    Source of Life is a vitamin and mineral supplement along with a Whole food complex, Bee Pollen, Citrus bioflavonoids, Gingeng root, Inositol, PABA, Chloline and Chlorophyll. You can do a search on it. The additions probably have much to do with the energy as the vitamins and minerals, and the clarity of mind (no fog!) is wonderful.

    When I got home I took one tablespoonful (2/day are recommended). Later that day I took another T. I didn't notice much except a slight clarity of mind - which in itself these days is a miracle. I slept as usual.

    The next day I took 2 T. in the morning and within the hour I was out planting and potting up all the flowers I hadn't been able to plant because of fatigue. I didn't feel at all hyper, just GOOD. Very clear-headed and relaxed with normal energy like I used to have, only better. As long as I was at it, I did some other things too and I slept well that night.

    However. The next four days I had major joint and muscle pain. I only took 1 T. each day because I was actually afraid I'd overdo again. lol In fact, at one point, I swept the garage in spite of the pain!

    The key to this stuff is obviously not to over-appreciate the energy it gives you. Another hint is to refrigerate well it before you take it.

    An 8 oz. bottle cost me $9.95+ tx. There is a larger bottle but I've learned to try things before buying giant sizes.

    I don't see this as a cure if there even is A Cure by itself but I do believe we need a good source of digestable vitamins and minerals. We also need some exercise (but not planting an entire yard) so this morning I began my old yoga stretches and used my Pilates machine again. All verrrrrrry sloooooooooowly. I'm also taking 1 T. daily of the liquid for now instead of 2.

    This, of course, was just my experience with it. Everyone is different and would have to take into account what they're already taking.

    I hope this helps someone. I also wonder if anyone else has had experience with it.

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    It had been so long since I had energy that I don't think I recognized it for what it was! All I knew was that I felt good. Now I realize that I was so used to being stopped short by fatigue BAM! that when it didn't happen I just kept going.

    It is SO important with this stuff that you don't get carried away doing things that have piled up. My bad days that followed weren't from the supplement, of course, but from my not paying attention. We need to pay attention to what our own bodies tell us about dosage.

    I'll buy more and build up to 2 Tb. slowly. Slowly seems to be the key, for exercise and this supplement.

    I'm glad I gave you some info that may help you.

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    Marta, thanks for posting this, glad that it's giving you a little extra energy, will have to see if UK does it.

  5. Marta608

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    You're absolutely right about the absorption.

    I can't tolerate much B-12 in injections or even pill form but this is different for me somehow. Those other things like bee pollen, etc. are also known energizers but when I took that alone, it hyped me up. This doesn't.

    Even that one day - and the less dramatic days since -
    helps me remember what life really can feel like.


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