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    i have cfs fms os and i am looking for some extra energy i take oxcycontin ultram nerontin but i have no energy and just want to sleep all the time but i dont get the rest i need anyone know what can help any meds that might work tks jim
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    Hi Jim,
    Welcome to the Board. I have FMS and CFS, too...with a few more things thrown in...
    I have been able to conquer or manage most of my FM symptoms with the help of my Doctor. After getting those under control it was time to tackle the profound exhaustion.
    I tried a product (supplement) ADR, it gave me lots of energy, however, I am hypertensive, and it raised my blood pressure to unacceptable levels. I had to discontinue.
    I have been on B12 Injections, self administered at home, every other day (.5 cc's) and this has been a help to me.
    Additionally I had to do a couple trial runs of injectable B Complex at the Docs office before I could begin injections at home, as there have been some adverse reactions reported. Next appointment I will bring my B Complex vial home, and begin treating more often with that in addition to the B12 everyother day.

    B Vitamins are very good for energy, and help the body in times of stress. Many take tablet or sublinqual---I just wasn't absorbing them, and went to the injectable, and it has made a great difference for me. I cannot wait to start the regime with both.

    I have looked into some of the prescriptions available, and some have good responses to those. They are out of the question for me, as I have many neural problems, being controlled with klonopin an anti-seizure medicine. I cannot afford to be "stimulated" in this manner, as it sets off myclonic jerking, and terrible sensory overload, and makes my cognitive abilities awful.

    There are so energy drinks available--they may have some here, that also have helped people.

    If I had my choice of one definitely would be B12 Injections.

    Best wishes, LL
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    I agree with the suggestion of B12. It has helped me the most for energy.

    When I was treated for intestinal yeast, I also ended up with more energy. Made a big difference.

    Forgot to say- Welcome to the board!
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    So, don't feel bad if they don't work for you. It usually is the first thing they try. Provigil is a narcolepsy medicine that has worked wonders for me (but, not for others). I hope you find the perfect solution for YOU.