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    I haven't been on much lately, but do read up from time to time. Need to update my profile! I've been up to my eye balls dealing with this horrific condition that I certainly did not ask for! Now on no drugs, as they didn't really help any way & have tons of sensitivities, drugs included. i'm in Canada, so CPP Disability as it's called here is taking it as far as a trial. I had no idea how much stress this would create, but has re-hashed alot of the emotional/physical pain that created this whole situation for me. Post partum hemorage, to the point of going into shock, with 4th child along with 2 blood clots. Needless to say, I'm a mere 100lbs, have been very sick for the last 3 years, get an odd ok day. My whole family has had to re vamp thier lives to accomodate my inability to commit to anything. I feel like a complete failure as far as being a decent mom to my kids. Constant pain doesn't make me the most pleasant person, not the worst either, but oo the guilt. Nov 4th is trial date, but my hubby & I went into my doc last week , told her what was going on & she wrote me a letter saying under thier definitions I couldn't seek work, or workk as my fibro was too severe & far too prolonged. I have to speak with commisioner in charge of review trial in the morniing, & also let him know they don't have alot of my info correct....missing lots of records...Please wish me luck with all this. I'm doing it for my kids, as I feel they are the ones who have gone without. Laura
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    laura to hear what you are going through.

    You are not a bad mom just very challegled one. Kids understand more than you think. Have you explained to them you are ill?

    Can you not take anything for pain?

    i'd say you are pretty amazing to have 4 kids and dealing with all this onno meds.

    Wishing you all the best lots of luck and meds that work

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    I hate to think anyone else has gone through this!!! But it gives me hope. It has become a little easier as they get older. Laura Thanks for the support!!!!
  4. abcanada

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    I am old fashioned in the sence of having kids help & teaching them about thier responsibilities. We are often complimented by others on how well behaved & polite etc. It feels good. The blessing that has come from all of this is that I am at home & we're all together & working together towards the same goal. They get a hot lunch every day, as we live 2 seconds from a school where most are bused. My kids are very compassionate towards others. Laura

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