Need feedback - Discoid Lupus, plaquenil, pregnancy

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    I was diagnosed with DLE after a facial biopsy in fall '09. Other than unsightly rashes on my face, my other Lupus symptoms are: +ANA since 2007, +Smith/RNP, low white count, negative C3 and C4, blotches on torso, and lupus pernio (chillblains) blisters on fingertips and toes in cold weather. My derm/rheum agrees that I seem to be floating in between an isolated DLE diagnosis and possible progression into SLE.

    The rashes on my face are getting worse and docs have recommended plaquenil. I am nervous about going on this drug. I understand it is pretty benign with no real longterm side-effects, safe for pregnancy, etc. But I just don't like the idea of being on a chronic drug during my child-bearing years. I have carried two pregnancys to term and had one miscarriage - every time I have gotten pregnant I get a new round of blotches on my face. We are hoping to have another child, and I am having trouble weighing starting plaquenil or not. Is there anyone out there who has any advice for me? Specifically, I guess I'm wondering, is plaquenil safe during pregnancy/nursing? Can it keep a DLE case from progressing to SLE or worsening? Thanks for any and all thoughts.
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    I have systemic lupus, malar lupus and a spot that is suspected discoid lupus. As you posted the above on the LUPUS BOARD here, I think that is your best place to receive detailed info regarding Lupus. This is a general board. Good luck.