need Fibro Dr in Louisiana

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by earn, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. earn

    earn New Member

    I live in Shreveport La. Can anyone help me find

    a spec around my area? Thanks very much--Laverne
  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I am in Ponchatoula, La., but do not know any specialist in these illnesses.

    Consider this a 'bump' your post was slipping to the bottom of the board.

    If necessary, just bump your own post for some replies.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. WoodstocksMusic

    WoodstocksMusic New Member

    I am just a couple hours north of you Laverne. I have a wonderful family physician who actually diagnosed me. He is sensitive and not afraid to prescribe both sleep and pain meds as I need them. His son completed medical school and came back 1 year into my treatments with his father and suggested that I try the Neurontin. I used that for about a year and during that time saw tremendous recovery strides. It took me about 4 years to get my life back together.

    Perhaps a good caring Family Physician is all we really need?

    I wish you luck as you search for the right caregiver.
  4. sheried

    sheried New Member

    I, too, am in Shreveport. There is only one doc I know of in town that diagnosis, but does not treat, FMS/CFIDS. His name is Larry Broadwell. He is a Rheumy on Jordan. You might see if your GP will send you to him.

    Good luck and keep us informed.

  5. jenemc

    jenemc New Member

    There is a Dr. Patrick Woods who is at 1322 kings Hwy Shreveport la. 318-675-5183. If I'm not mistaken he specializes in FM and has done studys on FM. I will find out for sure tomrrow and let you know more.

    I live outside of Linden tx, about 35 miles north of Marshall. and about 75 miles form shreveport. My hubby goes to the VA hospital there. In fact we will be down there this next monday the 22nd and 25th for his appts. makes for a longgggggggg day for me.

    hope this helps you some.

  6. DPgirl

    DPgirl New Member

    I actually go to the VA for my appts, but before I started going back to them, I was seeing a Dr. Pressly. I only saw him a couple of times. My husband is in the Navy and and he is the rheumatologist that the base referred me to.
  7. Connie3

    Connie3 New Member

    I am also in Shreveport and looking for good FM/CFS Doc. Another doctor I have heard about is Dr. Goodman, a rheumatologist. I have had this DD for 17plus years with a few of those years being ok off and on, but mostly bad years. This is really getting old! Keep us posted if you find a good doc and I will do the same. Connie
  8. ltarmand

    ltarmand New Member

    I am from Lake Charles and have been treated by doctor here. He is the one who diagnost me. However, I went on August 5th to a doctor in Houston, Dr. Patricia Savalto, and she seems to have her stuff together. I am, however, still waiting on her recommendations. I feel that it was work the trip to Houston, I don't think that I will go anywhere here for med. They told me that I would have Fibro forever. She told me that based on my blood work that I could possibly make it go away, or not flare up. Keep in touch.

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