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    I am the legal guardian of a (now) 18 yr old girl with severe fibro. She has even considered suicide. She keeps getting blown off by doctors who tell her it is all in her head and she must see a psychiatrist. In her case (and I am not at liberty to say more because of confidentiality issues) she absolutely can't see a psychiatrist -- that would be the end of her.

    We need a doctor in the Bay Area who specializes in fibro. Do you know one?

    Jim Norton
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    Hi Jim,

    It's heartbreaking when young people get fibro. You sound like a wonderfully caring guardian. :)

    There are two Rheumys in Walnut Creek and San Ramon, Dr. Rashmi and Rajiv Dixit, they're husband and wife that diagnose and treat FMS. You could try one of them if it's not too far.
    Btw, you pronounce "Dixit" like "fix it". =}

    They're located at the
    Northern California Arthritis Center
    120 La Casa Via Suite 204
    Walnut Creek, CA

    and at the Northern California Arthritis Center 5201 Norris Canyon Rd Ste 305 San Ramon, CA 94583-2179

    I think there are other Rheumys in the two centers who deal with FMS as well.

    Oh, I just found this link for the Centers. Click on "Our Doctors" and it seems to show that they're located in other places as well possibly like Concord and Castro Valley. If I'm reading that right. Eden is in Castro Valley.

    If those Arthritis Centers are too far away from you, you might want to call them and ask for referrals to Rheumys who Diagnose FMS that are closer to you.


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    Jim Norton
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    There are a few docs who treat fibro at the Osher Center for Intergrative Medicine at UCSF. Their # is 415-353-4400. They even have some psychiatriasts there as well. Very good care, staff is wonderful and empathetic, and they now accept insurance.

    The other docs i like are Daphne Miller and Avril Swan, located on Sanchez in Noe Valley. See web-site

    I have both severe ME/CFS and Fibro, and have done a lot of research - these are very good places. However, avoid SF Center for Preventative Medicine - complete waste of time, money and effort.

    Best of Luck to you!

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