Need Fibromyalgia Doc near Burnsville, MN.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dolphin_lover, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Dolphin_lover

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    Hello friends, I am posting today for a life-long (40 years)girlfriend of mine who has just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She is in need of a good doctor near Burnsville, MN. I live in CA and cannot recommend a "good" one for her (though I will be "surfing" on line for one).

    She has been in a lot of pain for at least 2 years and has gone to many doctors, had many tests and you know the rest of the diagnosis.

    She finally got a diagnosis, but the rhumatologist who, begrudingly, diagnosed her is narrow minded and arrogant. If anyone of you has or knows of a good doctor for her to see please post for me.

    She has blue shield/blue cross insurance.

    I love her alot and I want to help her as much as possible. She is a working mother with very little time to "surf" the net. I sent her a link to this site and posted this message for her. She is just "getting started" on this long and winding road to better health.

  2. Dolphin_lover

    Dolphin_lover New Member

    mine just sunk to the bottom.
  3. rockgor

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    I was wondering why a dolphin lover was in MN. They don't have dolphins there. Lotsa loons, but no dolphins.

    They also have the Mayo Clinic. President Ford is there right now.

    I grew up in MN, but I don't think I ever heard of Burnsville. Probably bigger than the village I grew up in tho.

    Ask you friend if she knows the words to "Minnesota, Hail to Thee"? It was written for the cenntennial celebration in l958.

    Good luck w/ your search.
  4. kholmes

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    There is a Dr. Karen Vrchota down in Winona who is supposed to be excellent for treating Fibromyalgia. That's a couple of hours drive from Burnsville, but she might be worth looking into.

    I'm not sure if she takes Blue Cross, though.

    I've heard there are some excellent doctors in Minneapolis, but I'm not sure who they are.


    p.s. I live in New Mexico now, but grew up in South St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights.
  5. Dolphin_lover

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    for responding so quickly. Great information!

    Kholmes, thank you for your information on Dr.
    Vrchota. I'm sure she is worth looking into.

    petemora, thank you also for your information on your
    doctor, especially for including his address & phone #
    and that he takes blue shield/blue cross. There is
    nothing like a personal recommendation.

    All great info! Its so nice that we have such a great
    network here on the board.

    I'm sure my girlfriend will check into both of those

    Any more information on other doc's will be gratefully
    accepted (the closer to Burnsville, the better).

    Rockgor: I have not yet spoken to my girlfriend, but I'll
    definately ask her if she knows the words to "Minnesota,
    Hail to Thee". And thanks for suggesting the Mayo
    Clinic. Another great place!

    Again, thank you for your kindness in sharing information.


  6. Dolphin_lover

    Dolphin_lover New Member

    again, since its the weekend. Hoping to get more replies.

  7. Dolphin_lover

    Dolphin_lover New Member

    for more imput!

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