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    A friend just sent me this site to pass on to anyone who was in financial dire straits, it is not free food but way below cost, it appears to me; it is also not seconds or 'day-old', etc.

    just google:

    Angel Food Ministries

    - it is a non-denominationally oriented group of churches who have banded together nationally to help distribute food at the lowest costs to help anyone in need - no forms or pre-qualifications needed at all, ie, no red-tape.

    It seems very reasonably priced to me... you can use food stamps as well as cash. The only thing is, orders must be placed for the basic units and any extra units a couple of weeks prior to when you pick up, but you don't pay until you do pick it up at least.

    In many states, the orders will need to be placed by October 1 for the month of October.

    Hope this helps some of you who live near enough to a distribution point to take advantage of this program...

    All the best,

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    I have used this service a couple of months. While some of the food isn't brand names, I found out it is just as good! So now, I am more open to trying generic and off brand foods.

    It's worth trying out in my opinion.

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    to the top!

    Glad to know you've had some first hand experience with it that was positive, budmickl!

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    good to know! Thanks!

    bumping up...

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