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  1. Dovebird

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    I've posted this before but hoping someone sees it more. I am praying for a friend that I can meet in person to just well have mutual company, someone that is lonely like I am and will understand this DD.

    Please if you are open to a friendship and meeting in person let me know. I am a loving lady and truly care about others. I am also still a bit fun to be with and don't expect much ;-) It's just been sooooooooo long since I had a friend I have gotten really depressed it's a huge piece that is missing from life. I do understand that it's important to get to know someone first and build trust. Hope this post gets to remain because I have tried every other place to find a friend with no luck. :(

    Hope to hear from some lady out there.....Huggz, Dove
  2. Dovebird

    Dovebird New Member

    has become one of the main instruments in meeting people now, probably beyond social groups and churches combined.

    I know you both are right but I have met some wonderful people off the net infact I met my hubby on the net. I've been doing that for years off with dating but never to find a good female pal. I kinda go the other way on this because I have a deeply intuitive level in knowing how I can trust and not trust. Not to say that I have not had run ins but there are so many gals like me wishing someone would trust them because their tiny little screen is the only avenue they have to the real world.
    Alot of us don't have money to join classes let alone walk into a room of strangers without feeling totally out of place. Some of us have not been out of our homes for so long that only a good friend we know online would give us the courage to step out that door and feel free to be ourselves.
    There are no FMS groups in my area that I know of and I can't drive for any length of time without a major flare. I use to be a part of the first FMS group in our city and the group was so depressive everyone dropped out years ago. There has to be an equal level of being able to express your pain and learning to be positive for eachother.

    I have not had much luck going to church because all I find there are people that are ready to judge or stay in clicks and I cannot wear a bra so it's just not a good feeling place to be for me. I sure do miss going to church though I am a christian.

    I hope what I said here does not offend anyone, we don't have to agree. Yes I would love to meet you in chat now and then or anyone else for that matter but still would love to meet those that are not afraid to meet in person. I also will try to find something more in my local area its just hard walking up to someone and saying hey do you have fibro cause I want a friend like me..........LOL

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    Love the name.I agree its not that safe . I also met my hubby of 4 yrs on the Internet . He Imd me and we started chatting.I got lucky .
    Well if you see a doctor for your FM ask him or her if they have other patients with FM in your area.Then tell him or her how you want to meet someone to have a friend,ask if he or she could give your email to them if they are also looking for a friend who understands what your going through. Maybe you could meet someone that way.I don't know just seems a little safer.
    Good Luck

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