Need Good CFS/Fibromyalgia doctors around Seattle

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  1. jayth

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    hello I am looking for good ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia doctors around Seattle . I am 41 yrs old man and I have two daughters to support . I was recently diagnosed with CFS/Sleep Apnea/IBS/sinusitis/ fatigue/ memory issues and what not.

    Good doctors around Seattle who have helped you recover would be valuable.

  2. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    Here are some suggestions:

    ---Here is a website that ProHealth provides to find good doctors

    ---You can also look on the Fibro board here and they have a post on doctors.

    ---You can also go to the website and among it’s groups it offers Fibro help broken down into separate support groups as follows below, including a group for men, a group for teens and a group for families. You can check there also.

    Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Support Group
    FMS & CFS Forums
    Category:Muscles & Bones

    Fibro Challenges Support Group
    Fibro Challenges Forums
    Category:Brain & Nervous System

    Fibro Mates Support Group
    Fibromyalgia in the Family Forums
    Category:Brain & Nervous System

    Fibromyalgia Support Group
    FMS Forums
    Category:Muscles & Bones

    Fibromyalgia & Lumps Support Group
    FibroLumps Forums
    Category:Muscles & Bones

    Fibromyalgia & Suboxone Support Group
    Fibro and Suboxone Forums
    Category:Muscles & Bones

    Fibromyalgia Teens Support Group
    Fibro Teens Forums
    Category:Brain & Nervous System

    Men with Fibro Support Group
    Fibromyalgia Men Forums
    Category: Men's Health
  3. jayth

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    Thank you TwoCatDoctors. I will start with this doctor list and few others I found online.