Need good FMS doc near Boston

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  1. c_s_chamberlain

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    I live just north of Boston and need to find a good doctor for fibromyalgia. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Thank you.
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    Arlington, MA
    Glen Rothfeld, M.D.
    American Whole Health
    180 Massachusetts Ave # 303 Arlington MA
    Tel: (781) 641-1901
    ("He founded his practice (recently merged into AWH) as a community clinic with emphasis on holistic medicine. He follows the CFIDS literature, and is willing and able to try a variety of approaches including nutrition, acupuncture, and experimental therapies.

    Brighton, MA
    John D. Bordiuk, M.D.
    Internal and Complementary Medicine (Holistic)
    214 Market Street
    Brighton, MA 02135
    Tel: (617) 787-3511
    Fax: (617) 787-5045
    ("He believes in the whole mind/body connection and uses treatments that a traditional doc would balk at. He lectures to medical students on the complementary approaches of allopathic and traditional medicine. I recommend him highly.)

    Northampton, MA
    Barry D. Elson, M.D.
    52 Maplewood Shops
    Old South St.
    Northampton, MA 01060
    Tel: (413) 584-7787
    (Note: Self-referred to this list)
    ("I specialize in diagnosing and treating chronic illnesses, especially chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I use both conventional and complementary approaches, including nutritional supplementation (oral, intramuscular, and intravenous, when indicated). We have special facilities for dealing with myofascial and fibromyalgic pain, heavy metal toxicity, and allergies (food, inhalant, and chemical).")

    Sandwich, MA
    Ramon Espinosa
    441 Rte 130
    Sandwich, MA 02563
    Tel: (508) 833-1569
    (Practices Internal Medicine. Not CFIDS Specialist but follows research, is sympathetic, rejects psych dx, respects symptoms, respects patient research and is open to new treatments. Also he is an excellent documenter of symptoms and clinical procedures which helps with disability claims.) CFS (He refers patients with fibromyalgia to other doctors.)

    Wellesley, MA
    Joanne Borg-Stein, MD
    Medical Director
    Spaulding & Newton-Wellesley Hospital Rehab Center
    65 Walnut Street
    Wellesley, MA 02181
    Tel: (781) 431-9144
    ("Joanne is an excellent doc, versed in fms/cfs/mps. She listens, and she treats her patients like they are a part of the 'team'. For a 'traditional' doc, she's the best in my book.")

    I also remember a couple of docs in the Newton area, but don't remember the names. Fibro fog again . . . Seems to me I may have got the numbers from the Fibromyalgia Network. But they won't give a referral list out unless you subscribe.

    Welcome to the board. Hopefully some people from Massachusetts will respond too. Weekends tend to be slow, so don't get discouraged. -Karen
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Hi, welcome to the board. Glad you have found us. I see you have your list of doctors.

    Just stopped to welcome you.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am in Natick and I have been trying to find support and docs in the area. I did call Glen Rothfeld's office and I am waiting to get the appt. Hopefully it will be a good thing, I can let you know

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    I had the pleasure and good fortune to see Dr. JoAnn Borg-Stein. I would highly recommend her.
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    Thank you for info, Ralph. I appreciate it.
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    This is the first time I have used a message board, and I see that when I try to thank people individually the message just goes on the board, and also is not near the reply from the person I wish to thank. Is there a mechanism to send thank yous directly to the individual who replied?
    If not, just let me say I greatly appreciate all who replied to my post! Thanks, Carol