Need good internist in Lake Cty, IL

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    I have CFIDS/FMS and, unfortunately, after treating my condition for 10 years, my excellent doctor left the state to be with his family on the east coast. Now, I'm back to square 1, looking for a knowledgeable, caring doctor who gives patients at least 1/2 hour appointments. I very much prefer a recommendation of a patient, rather than from another doctor or a "list".

    I live in Lake County, IL, in a far north suburb of Chicago, which is about 55 miles from where I live. I do not want to find a doctor in Chicago, unless he has a satellite facility further north, possibly in the Skokie or Highland Park area. Skokie is pretty much as far as I prefer to travel. That's where my good doctor practiced (he was with Rush University Hospital in Chicago, but was at their Rush North Shore facility 2 days/week). It was a 45 mile drive one way, but worth it for him.

    Before he left, he recommended a doctor for me, but I'm completely and totally dissatisfied with him for many reasons. So, I've been without medical support since December, 2007 when my doctor left. I want to find an internist, not a rheumatologist, since an internist is like a primary care doctor and can treat me for other health issues, other than CFIDS/FMS.

    I'm spending hours searching the web for a doctor who can treat these illnesses, who keeps him/herself up-to-date on all the latest developments, who understands ALL the symptoms and intricacies of these illnesses, and who doesn't rush his patients through their appointments, etc. I'm sure you all can understand just exactly where I'm coming from.

    Searching out a new doctor again, after what I went through when I first contracted CFIDS/FMS about 12 yrs. ago, gives me major anxiety.

    Please, can someone out there help me find a GOOD DOCTOR...

    Thanks for your help.