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    Hi -

    I am in such pain I don't know what to do with myself. Been to a Rhumey in NJ for 6 months - has me on cyclobenzaprine and ultracet. No pain relief there! I also have six slipped ribs (from stress I hear...)plus my IBS is raging lately...

    Does anyone know of a good RHumey in NJ near Bergen County?


  2. tonakay

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    back to page 1 for WW... good luck!
  3. tut90

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    Hi WW, I was looking through the old posts and found this information, I personally don't know anything about him, but I live in NJ and that's a well known hospital, I hope this will help you: DR PODELL

    Hi magaro, You will be in very good hands. Dr Podell is wonderful, intelligent, caring, open-minded, and very careful about what he does. He does not talk down to a patient and listens to what you have to say. He really works very hard to help his patients, and is serious about what he does.

    Dr Podell is a national expert in the fields of CFIDS, FM, chronic illness, etc. He has written a number of books on these subjects.I have been a patient of his for more than five years now. He understands these diseases as well as anyone can,and will not give you BS if he doesnt know something. He is always researching our horrible maladies and new treatments.

    He has a website and is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson (Teaching?) Hospital. He is very knowledgable in the official criteria to make these diagnoses.


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