Need good reading info on Fibro for my reconsideration stage

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bronagh, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Hi everyone,

    To make a long story short, i am at the reconsideration stage with my Disability claim, i'm waiting to hear that i will be turned down again.

    I have engaged an elected representitive to come with me if i have to appeal. I need a good informative explanitory reading for the representitive so that he knows what he is talking about when we go before the appeal people. I have read a lot on Fibro, there are so many that i am now confused.

    Can any of you help me out with this.

    Thank you,

    Bronagh :)
  2. 123sandra

    123sandra New Member

    Dear Bronagh,
    Why dont't you just copy info off the internet if you have a copier. Make more copies than you need and if you come across someone that would like some info, you will have it to hand.
    My aunty printed me some off a web site and it came in useful when I had to go to the gym, the trainer had heard of FMS but didn't know what it was!! I took him one of the copies and after he read it he passed it on to his other cols. It made them aware of my limitations and increased their knowledge of the DD. And if you copy it, it's bag size!!
    Hope you don't mind my sugestion.
  3. Rose_Red

    Rose_Red New Member

    by Dr. Roland Staud

    It's an excellent book. Very easy to read. He's one of the top researchers out of The University of Florida @ Shands Hospital.

    You can read the book first and highlight everything that pertains to you. This way your Rep will know that he is representing your case and not FMS in general.

    Keeping my finer crossed for you,
  4. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Hi Sandra,

    What a good idea! i would never have thought of doing that.

    Many thanks for your help and idea.

    Bronagh :)
  5. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Thanks Michele,

    I won't hold my breath waiting for decision to go my way.

    I'd safely say Ireland is way behind in accepting Fibro although my Rheumy is very well up on it.

    My now retired Dr of 40 years told me years ago that i had Fibrositis, thats what it was called back then, i was handed over to a new female Dr at the surgery 7-8 years ago, obviously she didnt look far back on my files because she told me all my problems are due to smoking and weight!!!
    I'm 42lbs over weight, it never occured to her that i had Fibro!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for that Michele and your good wishes, i know i won't get passed for disability but will keep trying.

    Bronagh :)
  6. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Hi Stacey, how are you?

    Thank you for the information, i will make a note of it.

    Have you come accross a good info page on the net that i could print out myself?

    Hope you all have a good day.

    Bronagh :)
  7. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I can't echo the recommendations of Stacey loudly enough!!!

    Dr. Devon Starlanyl's books are the BEST, my personal favorite is the "Fibromyalgia Advocate", it is my bible! She has a website also, google it & she may have informational pages to print. She is a doctor who has fibro herself. I got my books from Amazon, they aren't too expensive and there's a world of info in there, like Stacey, I highly recommend them, especially the "Advocate"---it has all kinds of info on how to educate others about fibro.

    Good luck to you!!!

  8. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Thank you very much Pam for your reply, you have all been so helpful, i appreciate it.

    Will have a look at the site.

    Take care,

    Bronagh :)

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