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Discussion in 'Arthritis' started by djbay01, Jan 10, 2002.

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    I am writing for so experienced guidance about RA. My dad has very active RA and can't get to see a doctor for a few more weeks. He is in a lot of pain and can hardly move. He was given Prednazone for 6 days and he as great for the first 4 days then started to fall back into the hurting and not being able to move situation. His general doctor is saying he can't go back on the Prednazone. I hate seeing my dad crying in pain. What can I do or he do to relieve pain? He takes one aspirin a day for his heart. So, he can't take ibuprofen. Need your experienced help!!
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    There are many reasons why your dad's gp may have taken him off prednisone.It has SO MANY side effects and dangers,but does work at high enough doses for the RA pain.My dr. will not allow me to take it continuosly either.Just a few days at a time,when I have no choice.

    But your Dad should not have to suffer until he sees a dr.Maybe you could insist that his gp call in a prescription for pain meds to tide him over for now.Worth a try.I think family drs. sometimes just do not realize how very painful RA is,but the rheumatologists do understand.I assume the appt. he is waiting for is with a rheumatologist?If not,get him one! He needs to be on the right meds to control the RA,and the pain.

    Some people find heat or ice to be helpful,but neither has ever helped me.Usually the pain subsides as the disease is brought under some kind of control,and the inflammation eases up.Best wishes to you.

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    I know what it's like to be in that much pain. If your Dad's doctor doesn't prescribe pain meds such as vicodin, he should see another doctor. No one should be in pain like that, especially if medication can help.
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    So sorry to read about your dad’s pain. I have had arthritis myself for many years and I do not recommend relying upon doctors. You may be shocked to find how little they have in the cupboard. If it were my dad I would let him have up to 12 aspirins per day whilst waiting for his appointment. If his doctor could give him a steroid injection into his worse joint it might give him a welcome temporary break. Unfortunately it’s a bad idea to use these long term. Sometimes I cry with pain and have found the following helpful:
    A very hot bath or shower. If a bath, tip in a load of Epson salts (from the chemist). This will draw out a lot of inflammation. Your dad should wrap up warm after it. He should have a better night’s sleep.
    Also against the inflammation, celery juice – as much as he can stick.
    When he gets to the doctor, tell him to be tough. Ask for codeine, not less than 15mg

    Katie – in England
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    I have osteoarthritis and FM.When the pain gets real bad like that have you ever called the Dr. office and explained the pain he is in?You usually can leave a message to the nurse and they will get back with you.My doctor told me that if I ever get in pain that bad to come in and get a pain shot.Not a steroid.If he is on medicade or medicare just take him to the emergency room if you have to and tell them he needs one.I have been a caregiver for over 20 years and usually most dr are very concerned with the pain an older person is in.A bad RA Flare needs an anti -inflammatory or it can do more
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    My dad is suppose to see the rhumatologist Jan. 29 and his gp does not want change anything with his meds because he said that he wants the specialist to see him as he is. Well, in the mean time my dad is in terrible pain. His knees are locking up on him and it make it real bad for trying to get him to stand and walk. We have been trying to massage his legs and knees and arms and hands and that gives him some relief. It gets real tough understanding why the doctors are doing what they are.

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    Oh my,
    I will keep him in my prayers.
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    I really feel for your Dad.The knee pain is terrible,and when they lock up like that,it can be impossible to walk or get up without help.The only thing that really helped my knees was getting the RA under control.Prednisone would help temporarily,but pain meds would probably not really help that much.

    Most rheumatologists are knowledgable enough that they don't have to "see you at your worst",but I do know people whose doctors don't want to mask their inflammation too much,because it can make diagnosis difficult.But if your Dad has already been diagnosed,I really don't understand how some meds to give relief could hurt anything.

    Hang in there.At least the appt. is now only a little more than a week away.I am sure the rheumatologist will give him pain meds to help right away when he sees the shape he is in.Good luck.
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    Dear dj, I know how how your dad feels. Fortunate for me I have a great dr., and had a good rheumy for yrs. Since your dad has the appt. with the specialist already, I'd say he or she's the person to call. Tell them how much pain your dad's in ,and that he can not wait that long. Maybe they can prescribe something for him or even bump up the appt. As others have said sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands . I mean When I get no results from one dr. I go to another. I have several specialists. I call all until one can help me. I wish you luck, and will pray for your dad. take care,
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    Well, my sister called and got my dad in to see the Rheum. today and he sent him to get blood work and xrays done to be sure that he has RA. He has put him on Arava and Predisone for now until the inflamation goes down and the Arava kicks in. Fingers are crossed for relief. This med. is kinda costly but if it helps then we will have to do what we have to. Thanks for all who have written and I appreciate all the knowledge that you have given me. I still have alot to learn but I am willing and able to do that much.


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    I am so glad to hear that your Dad has seen the rheumatologist.The prednisone should give him some relief quickly.

    RA meds can get VERY expensive!So if there is no prescription ins. coverage,you may want to mention that to his dr.,often they can give samples to help with the expense.But they usually don't offer unless you ask for them.

    Best wishes to you and your Dad.

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    Thank you all for writing and giving me hope. My dad has been able to walk by himself for the last 5 days now and feeling better everyday. He has been put on a dose of predinsone until the Arthritis Med ARAVA kicks in. Crossing fingers that this will work.

    Thanks again for all your wishes and prayers