Need Help!!! 5-HTP Question....i'm not sleeping!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pamela, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. pamela

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    I am starting to have some reactions to the Valerian Root that I take for sleep. I bought the 5-HTP a few months back and did not notice about an ingredient in it called Rice Powder. Since I have such reactions to carbs and sugars and anything white will this be in the same category as those? Just trying to get help for sleep and thought I would give this a try but don't want to go thru any reactions since they are so brutal. Desperate...Thanks Pamela
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    Bump...Madwolf, Mikie or anybody??? Plz Help!!!
  3. pamela

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  4. debonlake

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    Pamela: have you ever tried Melatonin? I have used that alot in the past with good luck. I know others on the board use it too. I also use 5 HTP and ZMA at night. Since I have been using the ZMA for sleep and muscle pain, I have not needed the Melatonin. Deb
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    It made me wake up every hour and have really vivid dreams. See I can only take very limited stuff due to my intolerance to meds. This is just one more thing I need to know about. Any help would be great...just need to know if rice powder is a carb or starch!!! Thanks Pamela
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    debonlake-what's ZMA?where do you get it. ill try anything.

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    It's just ground up rice...with the husk etc. taken off yes, unfortunately it will convert to sugar ASAP.
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    I use a TWINLABS product called Strength Fuel w/ ZMA and I sleep better than I ever have and I take no prescriptions for sleep. Also if I am out of that I take 3mg of melatonin. I hope this helps. BOL teawah
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    Pamela: You can get it at the store on this site or they do have it at GNC. I order mine from Vitamins 4 Life- it is a little cheaper and they have worked great. I can't remember the brand name right now. I agree with many on this board that ZMA works wonders. Deb