Need Help about Pain Mgmt. for the Gulf Coast/Mobile, Al. area

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  1. PiscesAries

    PiscesAries New Member

    A warm "hello" to all,

    I've been suffering with fibromyalgia for many years now. I was diagnosed by my former neurologist shortly after the birth of my youngest son and he's soon to be 8 years old. I was, however, suffering with this "mysterious" chronic pain for years prior to being diagnosed. In addition to the constant fibro pain, my L1 through L7 discs are in terrible condition. The pain I have in my lower spine & tailbone are absolutely horrible.

    My question is this, is there anyone here who may know of a decent pain mgmt. doctor in South MS.(Gulf Coast) or Mobile, Al. area? I don't know how much more of this pain I can endure without my medications, physical therapy, etc. I'm willing to travel in any direction, no matter how far the distance, to be seen by an understanding pain management specialist. My former doctors were very caring, very understanding, and treated me with dignity and respect. It's been a living hell since they moved out of state after the hurricane destroyed their practices.

    After hurricane Katrina, many of my medical records we're lost or destroyed. Fortunately, my regular family doc knows my medical history (he initially referred me to the neuro who discovered that I had fibro). He's a living witness to all of the ailments plaguing me. He's also been helpful in trying to find a good PM doc but to no avail. He won't hesitate writing a referral to explain my health conditions. So far, I've seen one PM doc in this area who was extremely rude and negative. He offered no hope or relief. I had to sign a contract with this doctor but all he prescribed was Ultram and Elavil.

    I'm just at a loss as to what to do. I have had the worse luck with the doctors that I've encountered. It seems as if they aren't taking my pain seriously. Even with the medical reports and films that I have, I still can't seem to find a doctor who is sympathetic or helpful. I had to drop out of Graduate school shortly before finishing up my Master's Degree. This relentless pain has led me to file for social security disability in the prime of my life.

    I can't work and I can barely enjoy any activities with my two sons (16 & 7 years old). This is becoming unbearable and depressing. Before the hurricane, my pain mgmt. doctor had me on a regimen that was working. I was taking long acting opiates, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, along with physical therapy. I had FINALLY gotten some relief! I could actually function again instead of being stuck in bed. Those days are long gone now though.

    It's a downright atrocity that so many people in this area have abused the pain management system (meaning the "drug seekers"). People like myself can hardly even obtain a prescription for ibuprofen since hurricane Katrina. I'm beginning to lose faith in the medical community. Why can't these doctors just look at my pharmaceutical profile and see that the meds I took for years were working? It seems so unfair that me and so many others have to pay the price (at the expense of our health & well being) because of these moronic dopers.

    I apologize for such a long post. I'm just at my wits end. It is becoming ridiculous trying to manage this pain on my own. I don't know where to turn for help so I'm reaching out here in the hopes of guidance. If anyone has information about a good doctor who specializes in fibro and pain mgmt., I would be so grateful for any recommendations you have to offer.
    Thanks so much in advance for just hearing me out. I wish all of you who suffer with this painful disorder all the best.

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  2. 3gs

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    Don't know any doctor suggestions just wanted to let you know someone heard you.

    It was bad enough to have to go thru the Hurricane then be mistreated by gov. now the medical field too.

    You must have a strong soul to survive all that. I agree about the abusers making it hard on us. It just seemed like we were getting docs to understand and now thier going backwards again.

    Hoping all the best for you and that you find a doctor soon.
  3. 3gs

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    just found an old post for doc in Gulf port
    Dr wu
    Hope this helps. look under site for good docs here.
  4. singingirl

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    I can't find a sympathetic doctor either. My pm doctor that has been seeing me since I was 20 (am now 43) told me if I don't take Lyrica that I need to find another doctor that will write me anything I want because he won't. He acted like I was a junkie. Embarrassed me so bad in front of my 18 yr. old daughter. I really wanted to slap him. I told him I was scared of Lyrica because most people gain weight. 20 yrs ago I was anorexic. Now I am 5'71/2 and weigh 130 and am in a size 6. Then I weighed 90 lbs, and I really don't want to go there again but I know I have the potential. He looked at me and said "you look like you've overcome that" and walked out. You have no idea how that made me fee. If you happen to find one around here let me know and I will do the same for you.
  5. jaba520

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    I am not from your area but love it down there I have family there and we have vistited several times. I am from South bend Indiana and dont have a good doc here. Mine prescribed me Lyrica as well I took it for 2 weeks and quit, it made me so dizzy i was laying on my back in the middle of my bed and swore I was going to fall off the side of my bed, it wasnt worth it for me. I told my doc and he had no response, it just sucks that most people really dont care or understand what we go through.

    Good luck in your search

  6. Dixielanddelight

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    hi yall,

    I am in mobile but i see dr divatorio for my fibro..he is a of the best in the area....

    I also see dr yearwood & dr cockrell over in daphne. They are in the same office. They are pain management dr's and are awesome!!! I totally love these dr's. They are very compassionate and really care about their patients. Their phone number is 625-2228. Hope this helps some.

    If you would like any further information please contact me.
  7. singingirl

    singingirl New Member

    I saw Dr. Oglesby that is in the same office as Divitorio. She will not give anything for pain. Told me to take Lexapro and alternate every few hours between tylenol and ibupropren

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