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    Hi to all, You all have been great in helping with my Dad and I want to thank you. Since I am still new at this and wandering through I have a question. This week Dad has been exceptional great. His temper is gone, he does not blame anyone for things he has misplaced. He carries on a decent conversation. He gets up and shaves and changes shirts and combs his hair [still no bath] . Do they go through these stages of almost like a reversal. I am not thinking Dad is well but the change is remarkable. Does this happen often? Can it last very long at a time? It is like a small light came on and he kmows he has a problem and I know it scares him. There are so many things there mind goes through and I am thankful for this pause however long it may be for. I was just wandering if this is another phase or someone said they can do this before depression sets in I hear so many tales from people who do not directly deal with this I wanted to ask ones that go through this or have gone through it everyday. [This Message was Edited on 06/20/2002]
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    Hi nolight, this disease is so complicated. I don't even think the doctors know exactly what is going on when. My mom is 87 with Alz. She has been in the hospital 6 weeks now and at one point she went 5 days without eating or drinking and the dr. said he thought she had hit the final stages where they no longer want food or water. I thought this is it she can't live long like this. I walked into the room one night and she was sitting up and feeding herself. I was shocked. So nobody really knows how the brain works. I know mom has her good days and her bad days or weeks sometimes. My sisters would say to me when I got home from work, mom was really good today, laughing, talking, etc. As you say, you just enjoy these times when they are a little lucid and know that it can change within moments. Mom doesn't necessarily go into depression after good periods, she just sort of goes back into a more conflicting mood, doesn't know where she is, or who people are. I know there are stages to the disease, mom seems to always be between two. Some behaviors aren't as bad as one stage says it is, but then some of the symptons do match that stage. Each person is a little different, as we all are. Hang in there and keep in touch
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    Hi Nolight. Charr's right about AD patients' behavior. We went through just what she described. My Mom seemed to be at death's door, then she rebounded and was feeding herself just a few days later. The wretched disease is so unpredicatable. By the time you read this, your Dad will probably have changed again. I agree, too, with what Charr said about the stages. It is so difficult to know when they have gone to the next stage, the lines are pretty blurry. Our loved ones will have symptoms from two stages at the same time, right? We never really knew if Mom actually made it to Stage 3. She had some of the signs, but was not bedridden or being fed through a tube. Her death certificate says she died of heart failure. My advice to you for these wonderful moments where your Dad seems fairly normal is to get him to talk about his life. It would be great if you could record him. We really regret not knowing more about Mom's youth. When we thought to ask the questions, she didn't remember the answers. Good luck, and keep us posted.

    NOTE TO CHARR: Stick to your guns about getting a nearby nursing home. It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Hang tough!
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    Thanks Anne. They sent out more notices to 5 other places closer to home. Not the cream of the crop, but closer to watch and see her. One called and has made an offer but they want us to evaluate them and want them too. Which I suppose is good. They have had their problems in the past, but the latest federal inspection on them in 2/02-4/02 only showed a deficient in nutrition. The others had many deficiencies that were more serious. As it gets closer I feel worse. On one hand I know I have to work and without my sisters support during the day anymore I can't let her stay home alone, but on the other hand I feel I have failed her in not keeping her with me. I pray and pray and play lots of LOTTO to win enough money to quit work and keep her home. (pipe dream I know). Take care.