Need Help and Info on Homeowners Insurance & MCS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by helpeachother, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. helpeachother

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    Hello friends. I hope you are all having a better-than average day.

    I have an irksome scary administrative problem that just wont go away. Both my spouse and I have most of the Letters (CFS, FM, Lyme,) and a lot more. Totally disabled. The worst one at the moment is most likely a result of all the rest. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Syndrome, AKA Environmental Illness (MCS EI)

    Here's the problem. Our house is the only building we can go into without suffering awful multiorgan and multifocal immediate and residual chemical reactions. Church makes us sick, stores, offices (yes, especially drs offices), homes of friends and families, Walmart!, etc etc etc..

    We have contacted our hmeowners insurance agent a dozen times in the last few years to make sure that if anything ever happened to the building, that it would be fixed or replaced with one we could live in. New construction materials contain MANY horrible chemicals that would not outgass for years if at all. These are in countertops, glues, plywood, insulation, plastic siding, sheet rock, paint of course, flooring materials, plastic water n drain pipes and glues for them. Even new clothing and furniture have toxins that we cant tolerate even an miniscule whiff of. Any product of combustion (fire, etc) is the worst, except of course perfumes. ARGH!

    ANYWAY (sorry to ramble), I keep telling him that we want our policy to explicitly state how the repairs/replacements must be done, so that we with MCS could again occupy the building afterwards. I tell him we need documentation so if anything eveer happened, we would have a leg to stand on. SO, he increases our monetary levls of coverage (increases of premium for questionable additional coverage) and quotes a general clause that says they will in a loss repair or replace with same or like-kind materials. Well new stuff will be toxic. This place has outgassed in 20 years and has no rugs or ducts etc..

    This last time i asked the insurance agent in a letter to document this specifically again, I threatened to get a new agent or policy, and and he writes back a pleasant letter with all of the "usual suspects" quoting chaper and verse of the contract and double talking around being specific.

    Im sick and brian dead and did a lot of searches on the web and cant link the homeowners insurance (claims) with special needs wording, riders, or ANYTHING?? ANy direction or experience would be so greatfully appreciated. Peace
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    You might contact your Insurance commissioner in your state & get their opinion. They are the ones who regulate this type of thing at least here in Oklahoma. I am an insurance agent but i would not even begin to tell you that they would be able to rebuild exactly like you currently have it. These coverages vary from state to state so i would definately contact your commissioner & go over this with them.

    Sorry you have so many problems but i can understand. With FM some places are just not good to go into. You end up getting sicker than before.

    Sorry i could not be more help. Good luck.
    Lea Ann
  3. amejia

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    I agree with starla, i am an insurnace agent in Michigan. Insurance will give you like kind and quality but I am not sure you can have a stipulation like that in your policy.
    I know that in regards to claim you do have say so in what is put back into your home. So if the replacement is more expensive you may have to foot the bill for the extra amount.

    I would also document what you have in your home that is special with a video and keep all pamplets that come with anything in the home so you can show what the replacement should be comparable to.

    It very much depends on what your state rules are. Every state is different and I would also say you may want to contact the state ins. commisioner.

    Sorry, i know this isnt much help...

  4. helpeachother

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    Thanks for the info, from you folks in the know. This is going to be more challenging than I thought. I shall persevere and try your suggestions. Peace
  5. helpeachother

    helpeachother New Member

    bumping for more help. anybody else???????
  6. helpeachother

    helpeachother New Member

    thanks willis76, everything that you said made sense and i certainly appreciate your time and input. Our MCS is so bad that if just PART of the home was destroyed by fire, the miniscule smoke (combustion by-product particles) would probably make the home completely uninhabitable.

    You said one thing that rang true about the WORDING being specific in the homeowners insurance policy contract as to the rebuilding/repairing of the home in a very specific way. This is where they give me the run-around. They said that they have adequately increased the premium to cover such a claim, but will not add a rider, change the wording, etc. Of course, the forms are all filed with the state, etc............

    Thanks and looking forward to any other ideas. I too have been searching the web. I told my insurance agent that I really feel like I have effectively NO homeowners coverage.


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