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  1. Dixielanddelight

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    Hi yall,

    I have a question and unsure what is causing it. For the past few years anything I eat goes through me, ex..pasta, salad, ice cream, spaghetti, pizza....and the list goes on and matter what i eat.

    I have had a colonoscopy and the dr said I had IBS. Does IBS make everything go through you quick? I thought it was just dairy. I go out to eat somewhere and I start getting sick pretty quick after eating.

    I also do have fibromyalgia and unsure if its related to that.


  2. dragon06

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    can have that effect yes. There are a whole bunch of things that can irritate IBS not just dairy. My roommate has a similar problem as you do but maybe not quite as bad but the same idea.

    She has found taking Benefiber and Priobiotics has helped some.

    But yes there is a possibility that it can be just IBS. I would bring it up with your doctor again and ask to be put on meds for IBS.
  3. Dixielanddelight

    Dixielanddelight New Member

    digestive enzymes
    gluten free diet
    dairy free diet
    get tested for and eliminate other food allergies
    betaine hydrochloride if your stomach acid is low (burping after eating)

    I dont know what any of this stuff i find out what foods has all that in there..dont got a clue
  4. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    have you had your gall bladder checked??? that happened to me for a few years and I was too dumb to get checked out.
    I kept going and going until I had toget surgery. found out the gall bladder was 3/4 dead and not working......

    that is when all my health issues started..UGH

  5. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic New Member

    I did this too back in 2005. I'd been sick with CFS/ME/FM since 1990 and eating pretty much whatever I wanted except for some occasional gall bladder / extreme pain in between my ribs (?) episodes and some IBS.

    All of the sudden, everything hurt, from top to bottom. I had trouble swallowing, etc.

    Turned out that I had celiac disease.

    You should get tested for celiac. If your doctor doesn't want to test you find a new doctor. You want to know if you have celiac or are gluten intolerant. You need to avoid gluten either way though.

    If it comes back negative or positive then try all the steps someone listed. Digestive enzymes, gluten free diet, probiotics, etc ...

    A lot of people in my celiac support group had their gall bladders removed before finding out that they were celiacs. You'd think docs would look for this now, but they don't.

    HTH ... marcia

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