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    Hi everyone.
    I"m new to the site but not new to fibro. I first had it about 10 yrs ago and work thru it with diet and life change but this fall had some dental and its back only worse this time I'm so dizzy and in such pain its almost inpossible to take care of myself.I have a feeling of electrical shocks in my head. in bed at nite my body jerks and my right shoulder and then goes up neck and into my head. just wonder if anyone else has ever had these symtoms. thanks.
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    Sounds like time to get an appointment with the Neurologist. Might be some kind of seizures? CALL YOU DR. Today, like now. They may be able to put your mind at rest or fix the problem. Please call now.
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    thanks for the reply I guess i didn"t state it very well I have severe muscle spasm,s in my shoulders and neck that runs up the back of my neck into my head I did find by accident that my mattress was making it worse. so we have order a new mattress and hope this helps. there are not many doctors in our area that are very informed about fibro in my area.I"ve been to so many over the last few years that I'm now trying the more natural way. starting with not uses sugar. white bread wheat bread and no pre packaged foods only fresh foods. it means going to the store almost everyday but if it helps it worth it for me.
    also on a vitamin regement want to try to work up to exercise evry day but right now I"m in a lot of pain so slow waling is about it. Thanks for letting me vent it helps God Bless.
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    I would still try to hook up with a good rheumatologist in the area. It seems to me that it is elemental that someone with this disease would need one and not take guesses at what may or may not be. Just a suggestion.
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    Thanks for the upbeat note. I've been the course with this fibro really think I"ve had it since I was a child. I do choose the more natural way already went the meds way and ended up with more problems I don"t just guess at things .I"ve had alot of years of researching this fibro thing and just do what seems to help me. I do get advice from a licensed homeopathic Dr. who has conference even in Europe. But I have found that what works for one persons doesn"t always work for another.right now I"m adding magnesium to my list of things to try because its reported that alot of people with fibro need more magnesium, I only try one new thing at a time, because Iam very sensitive to
    different things so have to be careful. It really helps to keep in touch with people and their ideas on this I think we can all learn from one another. thanks for your reply it brighten my day and thanks to everyone else who welcome me to the site. Happy Thoughts,Sixtyslady
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    Calcium and magnesium walk hand-in-hand as far as ion channel transport and muscle contraction. A deficiency in either can be responsible for muscle spasms, etc.

    If you supplement with calcium already, adding the magnesium should re-balance.

    However, if you don't supplement with calcium, I would suggest that you add calcium as well to the magnesium. A deficiency in one can cause a deficiency in the other.

    A pinched nerve or herniated disc in the cervical spine around C4/C5 (don't quote me on the exact vertebrae - lets just say the mid-neck area) can also cause sensations of this nature because the nerves are compressed by the disc and the compression affects all the nerves below that nerve.

    If the supplements don't help then you will have to see someone. My husband waited so long when he had a problem with his back (turns out it was arthritis in the spine, TWO herniated discs that compressed 2 sets of spinal nerves) that he became literally paralyzed and was in the hospital for 4 days and a rehab for 3 additional days on top of that.

    There is nothing more scary - I get a lot of pain in the shoulder/neck area also and its no fun. I do know someone else who gets botox injections for her muscle spasms and she has sworn by it for years.

    Good Luck,
    Madame Curie

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    I'm glad you found us. I've read your symptoms many times here. I'm sorry you are having such a bad time. The good news is that there is a lot of wisdom here as well as support. Our members are very generous with info and care. I pray you feel better.

    Learn everything you can about your illness if you haven't already. We have an excellent Library here and you can sign up on the Home Page for the e-newsletter. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    thanks for the info on magnesuim I checked into taking it and it said it could take up to 6 weeks to see a improvement but hey what do I have to do but get better anyhow. my nephew is getting married this spring and I"m setting a goal to go to the wedding and reception.Even going to order a new dress. If we have things to look forward to it really helps.I also keep a journal it really helps me. like this last tues I was able to drive to the store and pick up a few things made me feel so good.I think the hardest thing for me is that my married kids don"t understand this so they avoid me they think its all in my head. now our son that still at home seems to realize it because he,s around me daily even though he has a steady job and is gone all day. He tries to help his Dad with the chores that I can,t do right now.God sent him to us when I was 40yrs old .at the time I didn,t think I could handle another but what a blessing. Have a good Day. and thanks to everyone for the welcome.