Need help, crying all day

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by painandagony, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. painandagony

    painandagony New Member

    I think I am still suffering from effexor withdrawal, but my gosh. If that's not it, i'm ready for a padded room.. just kidding, but really. Everything is just too much. my DH and I are moving, we had water damage this weekend from our toilet, can't show our place to people that have requested showings, my primary doc, who I thought understood, just poohpoohed my "findings" like it was nothing...i.e. the big studies on genetic abnormalities and cryptovirus...she wouldn't even test me on HHV6 or find out what it was, or look up my records to see if I've been tested, how tested, etc. I know I am being irrational, I can't help it. It's my body or meds or something going haywire.
    thanks for listening.
  2. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I'm so sorry you are sufering so much. I really don't know what to say, except that you are not alone, and I'm praying for you.

    Big hugs,
  3. spiritsky

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    The first thing I think about when I hear that a woman is crying all the time is hormones. My wife used to cry all the time, almost everyday for years until we found out what was wrong. Once she finally got her hormones balanced properly she hasn't cried since.

    Especially get your Estrogen and Progesterone checked if you haven't done it already and work with a doctor or OBGYN who really has experience in the area of hormone balancing a good one is not that easy to find.

    Maybe you've already gone down this path, in that case, just ignore this advise.

    Hope you're feeling better.
  4. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    painandagonay i think sometime just get so overwelming for us that it doesn't matter what drug you are on or coming off of. Before we all got sick I had days that I would come home from work and just tell my kids straith up that mom had and bad day and needs a little time to herself. If we could do that when we were well why do we have such a hard time doing it now that we are sick. Depression is not always something you need to take meds for it's a natural thing. If you feel this way for more then a week i would talk to a councelor. He may just tell you that all you need to do is vent. Or write a diary. This is something i'm now doing to look at my stress and how it makes me feel and how it makes my body feel. Not for everyone I understand but sometime you just have to go into you room hold the pillow over your face and just scream. It does help to vent. Good luck and hang in there......SueS
  5. painandagony

    painandagony New Member

    You are all so awesome, and I can always count on you!

    I've had a much better emotional day today. Much better than yesterday and day before. I had to chuckle when I read some of your posts about eating cookies....i think that was part of what put me in the tizzy! I have a very bad reaction to refined sugars and i was having some tough days so had some...not good for me. Pizza is a good comfort food for me when i'm feeling blue.

    fight: i love it, blame it on the man! my husband does help me out a lot...he bought me flowers last night and was very sweet, gave me hugs, asked what he could do for me, etc. he's very affectionate. I do blame things on him sometimes, and sometimes it is his fault! haha

    adl123: just want to say thanks for posting, makes me feel better.

    prickles: I LOVE that you made those brochures up yourself and the doc is telling you to do some of the things listed!!!! Yesterday I actually had printed out two of the studies for my doc and asked if she wanted them. She said she could look at it. she read it quickly and actually gave it back to me. Then she said "what am i supposed to do with this? what if you get a positive on a virus test? it could be false positive, or even if we want to treat it, we can't just treat it, that could cause you more problems." I understand if this is not in her expertise, but her bedside manner was not very good. In the past she had seemed cool, so i wasn't expecting it, plus i was already having a bad day. oh well..i've got some other appointments with other so called cfs - sensitive docs.

    spiritsky: i do need to get hormones checked...more than my TSH.

    Sometimes we all do need days to just be sad and not worry about what "caused" it. As for venting, i see my counselor 2x/month, which is awesome.

    katemac & sfrasier: it may be related to my withdrawal, it may not. it just didn't feel like my normal sad days...regardless we all have them time to time.

    hangingin: I usually do want comfort food when I'm having a rough day...however, since i thought that might have been the root of the problem, i ate all organic and healthy yesterday and today and do feel better. who knows. i also treated myself with a massage today. fab.

    love you all,
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    who went west made about ten miles a day, mostly walking.

    Before modern machines, it took 3 days to do the laundry.

    Farming used to be hard labor from dawn till dark and you didn't get much of a crop compared to today.

    But I dunno if people had as much stress as we do.
  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    Considering the probelms I would not be 'poohpoohed' by any doctor. The things they do not go over with us is amazing.
    And why don't they: they ordered the tests? I'll never know why?
    Sorry you went through that.


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