need help describing symptoms*

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  1. wildflowers2

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    My brain fog has got me and since I have been sick for several years. Its just a part of my life now.

    I need to write all my symptoms for my attorney and my ALJ hearing is in Feb 18.
    I have FM. cfs, ptsd, depression, tinnitus, hearing impaired, adhesions, IBS, GERD, hosimotos thyroid desiese, osteropreosis, the start of galcoma. and that all I can think of now.....
    way too much for me.....

    can anyone offer some suggestions?

    thank you all so much

    many blessings
  2. findmind

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    kina gave excellent advice.

    If you have worked and have a job description, you could tear it apart sentence by sentence and describe which symptom(s) prevent you from being able to do that task.

    I'd also recommend Dr. Katrina Berne's book "Running on Empty", which lists dozens of symptoms in a checklist...believe it or not, you will probably find many more you haven't even thought of that you actually have!

    Best to you,
  3. Janalynn

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    I agree - excellent advice.
    It is not only easier but much more impactful to state how your daily life is affected.

    With my (FM, CFS, IBS etc.) I am unable to ________. It keeps me from ___________.
    Go through your day in your head and start writing out a typical day for you, what is difficult or impossible for you etc.
    Then maybe how you do spend your day - sleeping? crying? in the bathroom? (I'm just giving examples)
    When you have those two lists, you should be able to pull together a list of "symptoms".
    Do you have someone with you - do you live with someone? Maybe they could help you.

    I totally agree that when you've lived with something for so long that it's becomes your normal and you don't even realize half of what you're dealing with.

    I went into work the other day and one of the girls just looked at me with this sad face and kind of "ooooh"ed me, then told me she could see the pain in my eyes and how much she hated it. I put my arms around her and told her, "really, it's okay, I'm so used to it, I deal with it everyday, but thank you so much for caring".

    Makes you think.