Need help ,Does any one loose balance walking

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by littlesquawl, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. littlesquawl

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    Hi there
    I'm still new,and have a problem.Some days I get up to walk and I start losing balance in my feet, and To day agin ,My husband and I, Went to the store and I could hardly walk right,It gets me afraid.I think sometimes ,I'm getting MS.
    Because this happens alot.I stumble around to I get my balance.I do it here at home to.I'm just wondering if this is a part of fibro,and CFS,
    Does any one else have this problem,I do have ostearthritis
    in my knee's but it don't feel like it's from my knee;s
    Could someone give some information on the problem.
    Does any one know about MS.Could this be a start.
    I'm worry about this,I have fibro.and DDD.CFS.CSP.
    Please give me some information, thank littlesquawl
  2. jadibeler

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    I'm in the process (could take awhile) of writing you a personal e-mail. But I want to tell you right now that I lose my balance, or can't walk in a straight line, all the time. This has been going on for years (have had FM all my life) and I was also very worried about MS. I was sure I had it up until a few months ago when I finally had an MRI which ruled it out. So many of our symptoms are shared with MS.

    I bump into door jams, coffee tables, dogs, whatever. But to ease your mind, have the MRI done now.

  3. Kathryn

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    you are not alone. I use a cane almost every time I go out, unless I happen to have a grocery cart parked right next to my car. Just to be safe, do have the MRI done. It is one of the few procecures that don't hurt.
  4. finnigan1229

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    Don't feel alone - my balance is shot too . . . not just walking but all different things. This wonderful DD can really mess up a lot of things.
  5. ssMarilyn

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    About 70% of us have Nystagmus, which is a balance disorder. The test to confirm it is called an Electro Nasography ir ENG for sort. However, it is a very unpleasant test, and if you can be at the doctor's office when this is happening, they can easily see the Nystagmus by having you shake your head vigorously and then having you track their finger as it moves back and forth in front of your eyes. Nystagmus is also a symptom of magnesium deficiency. Are you up on your minerals?

    Marilyn :)
  6. klutzo

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    Marilyn is correct, you probably have nystagmus. Have your doctor check for this next time you go.
    There are drugs for it, but I find getting my sleep deprivation under control is the best help for it.
  7. pammy52

    pammy52 New Member

    It is very distressing to feel so off balance.
    Sometimes mine is more a sense of being off balance and weaving even though I actually am walking fine.
    Almost every work day when I have to walk from my car to the building I feel as though I am weaving all over. It is really an effort to get to the door. For some reason during the 25 minute drive to work I become very fatigued and off kilter. This is pretty much a daily occurence, even if I am feeling pretty good that morning.
    Have had many mornings of getting out of bed and bouncing off the door jamb or lurching across the room.
    I found it was worse with some meds.. Elavil especially.
    Getting tests done to rule out MS and other neuro problems
    helped me to be less anxious about this aspect of FMS.
  8. MJJBunny

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    I have had balance problems for years. Since I had CFS long before FM, I'm sure it's from CFS. At one time I saw Dr. Cheney as a patient and I remember him telling me that the portion of the brain that controls balance has been damaged. I believe that to be true since I really should use a cane when walking, otherwise I look drunk. I also bump into walls, door jams and find myself holding on to chairs in a restaurant to not weave.