Need help fast Dr won't release me for unemployment.What to do?

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    Once again another setback. Unemployment finally approved me on the termination issue but because the Dr said I couldn't do my normal work they they start benefits. Told me to tell the dr to write out a statement saying she releases me to do private care work or something along theat line that I think I can do and fax it to him and they would start it. Dr was on vacation last week so ask her to do it today and they waited till she left the office to call me and tell me she can't do it because it will make her look like a liar.

    I explained to the nurse that he told me it is two separate issues. It doesn't matter what she wrote on the first papers. All she has to say is I can't do my normal work,which is CNA, but that she thinks I can do something else for awhile. Nurse said all this will be in my file and will make the dr look like she's not being upfront. Nurse said something about disability and I told her what she filled out was for unemployment not SSD and this has nothing to do with it. Think it made her mad cause she said she'd tell the dr in the morning and let me know.

    If dr won't do this for me what do I do? Unemp tells me that if I can't look for work and be able to take work if it comes up then I cant have my benefits. Should I go talk to dr in person and tell her I need this to survive. I deserve this after being fired for the wrong reasons. Why can't they give me benefits even though I can't do past work,they're going by my past work anyway not the future.

    What do I say to dr to get her to do this for me? Please I need to know so I can do this tomorrow. I'm getting more depressed and she knows this.


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    B-I'm desperate.
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    Thats what I would do.Explain it has nothing to do with SSD it has to do with unemployment .If she does not put down that you are OK to work you will not get your benefits.

    To collect unemployment you must be able to work.

    Maybe shes worried that someday you will need SSD and if that letter is in your file it will affect the outcome.And you would not get SSD you would be denied if that letter is in your file.

    Talk heart to heart with her and tell her you need the money.Or does she feel you need to apply for SSD?

    Good luck I hope all works out OK for you.

    For Every Day A New Dawn Will Come......Sue
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    Keke, I might have your whole situation confused, but ...

    * has this doctor already completed SSDI papers for you stating that you were unable to work due to your health problems?

    * And now, you are asking her to prepare a statement saying just the opposite ... that you ARE able to work, even if it is not the type of work that you were doing when you were fired?

    If this is accurate, I don't think you will ever get the doctor to write a statement for you which contradicts the SSDI government forms that she has already completed.

    To turn around and say just the opposite so you can benefit from another government program, just might get her accused of fraud!

    Is this a double-edged sword? If you want SSDI, then you can't get unemployment. You just got caught in the system and there isn't anything you can do about it, unless the Unemployment Office can come up with a solution that would be legal and in accordance with their rules.

    I am certain they will tell you that it's unfortunate that you need the unemployment benefits and cannot collect them due to the fact that your doctor has already deemed that you are too ill to work and therefore, completed your papers requesting SSDI.

    If your health has improved to the point that you are now ABLE to work, you doctor could possibly retract her papers from the Soc. Sec. Adm., and reclassify you as being improved enough to work, then go on with your unemployment benefits. If she does this, I would bet that she will never ever sign another paper for you.

    I know you need help, but I think you just may be caught in the systems red tape, and there is no way out. I'm so sorry.

    I will be interested to find out what the doc and unemployment office tells you.


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