Need help fast.medical papers on unemp and ssd

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    I am lost. They told me to file for unemp. online. When they ask me if I had any medical problems,not knowing that might be a mistake,I told the truth. Later they tell you that if you have any medical problems that might prevent you from working or looking for work it could affect your ability to get benefits. I didn't know. I've never filed before. So yesterday I received papers from them that say I indicated I have medical problems that would prevent me from looking or working and that I have to get them filled out by my DR and have them back to them by 7-5th. I don't know what to do.

    I found out from the SS office I can file for SSD while waiting and drawing unemp. So I'm not sure what to do first. I'm afraid once the DR fills it out they're going to deny it on the fact that I can't work anymore. While I wait on SSD I will have nothing coming in if I don't get approved for unemp. In a previous post someone said call SS and ask for an attorney but will they actually be for me.

    Then I contacted my mortage co. and told them I was fired and wouldn't be able to make pmts. for a period of time. They told me they had something called a moratorium,it would suspend pmts up to 2 yrs. Got the paperwork on that today. It says any pmts I miss might be reported to the credit bureau,which will reflect badly on me. And I will still have to pay the ins and taxes. How am I supposed to do that if I can't make the house pmt. Then they said when I start paying again my pmts. will probably go up. Right before this happened they had just renewed my pmt. assistance and the pmt had been lowered beginning in Aug. Now Im just totally screwed.

    The money I have now is the escrow refund I just got a few days before I got fired. After I pay this months utilities and other pmts. I will broke. Don't even know how long the unemp. will take. I'm just beside myself and don't know which way to turn. Please help me. I don't want to get into another depressive state. You work your whole life for something and in a minute it all goes up in smoke. I figured that I'd never get my house paid for since it's a 30 yr. loan but I never thought I'd lose it in such a short time. I've only been here 6ys.last month

    Sorry to repeat myself . I know you all understand. Have no one to go to. Please if you know what I should do tell me.

    Thank you so much,Keke
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    to help you out in the mean time...

    good luck

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    I have not heard exactly of this kind of case personally, but it seems to me that you might have to downsize a bit.
    It is difficult to do, but you have to batton down the hatches while going through the SSD storm.

    I know that in some towns/cities that you can get Welfare and Food Stamps. If you have a note from a doctor that you can not work they usually jack up your monthly stipend and pay all of your medical bills and prescriptions.

    However, I have heard that the extra money they give per month is taken back out of your SSD backpayment when you win.

    Now-that is just some towns/cities.

    Welfare very often will give temporary shelter like in a hotel room or motel.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I had some cushion when I went through SSD about seven years ago.
    I have also been reviewed twice during that time.
    (every three years or so).

    Well, I have picked my brain for some solutions. I hope you explore every single lead and resource you can get.
    Things will get better.


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    If you check, Legal Aid for those unable to pay can help.
    It may exist in your county or state: not usually locally at town you are in.

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    If you can work just tell them that -- nevermind what you said in the application. You can have any medical condition in the world and be able to work and they cannot tell you you cannot work!

    On the other hand there are a few other considerations -- I assume you were let go from your job or you wouldn't be filing, yes? If you quit your job because of your health they *may* want to deny you. I was just "medically separated" from my employer after both I and my doctor told them I couldn't work. So I can't very well tell unemployment I can work right now.

    HOWEVER if I improve in a couple of months I may tell unemployment I am ready to work again and was let go from my job for a legitimate reason . . .I mean if you can't work today that doesn't mean you cannot work next month. Check this out with the unemployment office.

    Also, please check into the SS disability issues vis a vis unemployment payments. I have read, but do not know it to be fact, that SSD will not approve a claim if you are telling unemployment that you are healthy enough to work. That is where the fork in the road comes.

    CALL WEDNESDAY MORNING to unemployment and try to get an extension on returning the forms so you can think for a minute and do a little research.

    Also, I never believe any information I get and it is often wrong so call everywhere twice and get two opinions and ask if there is someplace you can see what they are telling you in print -- like online.

    Best wishes! I am facing totally financial catastropy myself so I know how you feel. My house is already gone.

    PS I think your mortgage company is not going to foreclose after just two months either . . .you may be able to live there for quite a while although I'm sure your credit will be wrecked. Even if they start the process it may take a while. See if you can find out about that too.
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    In order to receive unemployment, you have to be healthy and able to work. If you are wanting to go for SSDI then get an attorney fast. They don't charge anything up front.

    You can get food stamps and if you have a child under age 19, you can get medical help.

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