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    I have CFIDs and my doctor has told me that he will not give me my medications if I do not come in and see him. I am on medicine that I cannot live without. I need some help finding a doctor who does home visits because I am bedridden and cannot go see my doctor. Basically I SOME NEED HELP. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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    Hi, sorry to hear of your struggles. You overlooked saying where (city/state/neighborhood?) you live, so most ideas might not work for you. Maybe be more specific in your "Title"/header...

    As a retired medical person with 5 chronic illnesses also, I sympathize with disabilities. I have found that a "will-do" attitude is helpful. The doctor has to make a living; there may be some retired (but still licensed) doctors available, but if they practice, they have to pay for liability insurance, and if you want to still work with him-- I'd suggest you ask him for a Visiting nurse referral. They can bring, dispense meds, start IVs, etc. Look up VNA in your community.
    If you are elderly, contact the social workers that do mobility stuff for handicapped people. They can be very well informed as to resources. You might qualify for a mobile wheelchair/scooter? I think that doctor doesn't sound very progressive or current in terms of ways of getting you going again. I have "rehabbed" myself largely, over 10 years because I wouldn't accept that I was only going to get worse! Read, study, think positively, pray that the good Lord will lead you to the right people, and sites like these are a godsend! Be well!
    If he won't work with you....change doctors and don't look back if you find one.

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