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    I've searched and not had success finding an FMS doctor for my sister. She suffers terribly with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Can anyone recommend a doctor in Broward County (Fort Lauderdale or Miami) Florida?

    She needs someone who will be sympathetic to her needs in trying to get SSDI. She has received 2nd denial and is at the stage to involve a lawyer. Problem is her original doctor has left the country and with him went her files. Her current doctor will not support her in Disability claim. She filed with Lupus as major complaint, but I'm thinking that if she finds an FMS doctor who is supportive, she can now claim FMS since it is what is causing her the most problems.

    Please let me know if you can recommend a doctor.

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    I wish it wasn't so but if you are looking for a Rheumatologist, there are slim pickings in this area.

    I have a good friend with RA. She has used a dr. in Aventura ( right by the hospital ) for years. She drives over 50 miles for her appointments!

    His name is Richard Gaylis.

    The problem is going to be getting disablity. She should interview a few attorneys to see if she can have a working relationship with them since this process takes quite a long time.

    I am sure you could find many doctors and atty's that would take this case as long as there was something in it for them, so, BE CAREFUL.

    The sharks in the water are safer than the ones on the land.
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    If she has an attorney just about all of them have a list of all kinds of doctors who are very nice and knowledgeable in almost all deceases.

    She should ask the attorney for recommendations.They want to win the case so they can get paid .Thats why the list of doctors.

    Give it a shot you have nothing to loose but everything to gain.

    Reason I know this is that my lawyer highly recommended I see the rheumy that they knew for an evaluation.

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    You cracked me up!!! As easy as finding an iceberg in Florida eh?

    Thanks, hon, but I know my sister won't be able to drive a long distance to see a doctor who is not a sure thing re Disability. Thanks for the advice about sharks.

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    OK, thanks, I will recommend to my sister that she speak to her lawyer. She was just in a bad way when she called me the other day (not that I'm in any better condition, but I've always been the one in the family that everyone turns to..even though she is my older sister).

    I just hate to see her suffering so much.

    Thanks again sweetie,

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    Hey, yourself. It's always good to hear from you. So you scared the doctor off, ha!! That's pretty bad. Well consider yourself lucky. It's their loss. They probably did you a big favor, saved you time, money and energy. It's getting so that Fibromyalgia is really a bad word. I'm definitely exhausted but I saw your message and just wanted to say hi.

    Things are really bad with me, sorry to say. This is probably the worse time I've ever experienced with FMS and CFIDS. Really, really bad!! I got all the test results back..lost of lab work, carotid artery scan, echocardiogram, brain scan, brain EEG and guess what?. Everything is normal. I know I should be grateful and I truly am. But, once again, there is nothing that shows why I feel so ill. Such a mystery.

    I have been considering some dietary changes myself. Your reaction (hot flashes are bad!)to grains certainly sounds like you might benefit from at least experimenting with eliminating them, or at least one at a time. If you are like me, that is something I would not look forward to. I like my oats in the morning and my whole wheat pita at lunch. I saw a Nutritionist last year for Candidiasis and was on an elimination diet for 4 months. The only grain I was allowed was 1 cup of oats daily and 2 brown rice cakes. It did help for a short while. Then I did some traveling and had some stressful life events and had a major setback.

    But, I'm getting just desperate enough to try some dietary changes again. There is always the benefit of weight loss, which for me is pretty exciting.

    Thanks for replying to my message. I know that God has His hand on my sister and He will take care of her. I wish you luck with your allergist. Finding something that works is a real pain isn't it. My sister says it's really hot in Florida right now. I understand if you want to protect your privacy, but I was wondering what part of Florida you live in...north, south, east or west? I'm not too far from Pensacola.

    Take good care Mrpain. Blessings,

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