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    The story begins 9 years ago before I was diagnosed with FMS.At the time I had been working out with a weight trainer, when I noticed the back of my left leg was more pumped up than my right leg. I have been told that my strength is in my left side so I decided without asking anyone to just ignore it. It has been there for nine years until recently when a friend of mine asked what was wrong with my leg. Of course I explained to her about my weight lifting story and she did not comment, so I went on with my business. One week later my son screamed at me Mother look at your leg it is horrible. I got so scared that I finally took a look at it. And it was true that area that I put down to weight training was now huge (to me anyway and my son). I talked to my friend about it and she said she noticed it when I wore stretch pants, when I thought about it I had noticed the change to. So I thought back then I would love to have plastic surgery on this leg, so once more it will be the same size as the other one. Of course I do not do any more weight training, actually very little exercise. The swelling is solid with no pain and seems to be spreading up to my buttox area. All I can think about is cancer. Also if it is serious I have no insurance and what will I do. I will see a doctor in the morning and I am scared to death. You see I also take care of a 31 year disabled son and I worry who will take care of him if this is serious. I am praying someone has experience with this type of problem or has heard of someone with this problem and of course it was nothing. I'm a dreamer.

    Have A Blessed Day
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    Dear Mary,
    I'm glad you are going to the doctor. Don't worry, It could very well be something easily taken care of. I think if it were cancer, and that big, you would already be in a lot of pain from it.

    I'll keep you in my prayers, and please, let us know the outcome.

    Big hugs,
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    How frightening that must be. You are doing the right thing to see your doctor about it. Try to take one day at a time and try not worry about the "ifs" until you get some solid info from your doctor.

    Keep us posted, okay? Sending healing thoughts your way.....wishing you well, nature
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    If this has been going on for 9 years and you still are really not in pain, I can't think it would be but so serious. I might be wrong. But I would think something would have happened within the 9 years.

    My son has had one leg and foot swelling problems and the pills haven't helped him much. He was supposed to go back to the doctor. He did say that not wearing socks helped. He wore the short socks that come up to the ankle and not much past it. He has had diabetes for 11 years and he is only 25.

    Could your hose or socks or anything like that be causing this problem?

    Please let us know what the doctor says. I'm sorry you don't have insurance.

    I hope everything works out for you.


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    I'm so sorry you are having this problem, but, like the others, I am glad you are going to the doctor.

    Let's hope it is something simple. You may have a vein or atery stopped up somewhere that is causing a backup at that point in your leg????? It could be a blood clot. But since you've had it for 9 years, you wouldn't think it would be serious--at least, let's hope not!

    I had a neighbor that did not have any insurance and had to have major surgery. She went in to our welfare office and applied for some type of temporary, one-time, Medicaid card that would cover just this surgery. Go to your local Social Services office and ask about something like this.

    You must not be old enough to be on Medicare. Have you applied for Social Security Disability or can you receive anything from Soc Sec for providing total care for your 31 yr old disabled son? I thought I knew someone who got some type of check from Soc Sec because he had to take total care of his wife who had become blind. Maybe I am crazy and getting things mixed up!!!! but it's worth checking into.

    Let us know what your doc says.

    Take care,

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    I have never posted before and I am so amazed at the very kind responses I have had to this post. Thank You All. This morning I went to my doctor, now how I got him to look at my leg for free is nothing new to this doctor. He is great, but my son had an appointment and after his appointment was through I asked the doctor to look at my leg. He immediately said it was a Lipoma Tumor and not cancerous. I hugged him so tight I almost suffocated him. But he did say it should not have grown like it has. He does not feel any fluid there, but he will look at it again when my son comes back in 3 weeks.
    My son keeps reminding me that the doctor said it was nothing and I of course am so very grateful to GOD and all of you for your prayers, but I still hear him say it should not be growing like that. I am just going to give this worry to GOD it is HIS WILL not mine. Again thank you all for your responses.

    Have A Blessed Day

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