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    I'm only 25 and I've been in pain for about three years now. I ignored it for so long just hoping it would go away. It was manageable but constant. It's gotten to the point now where my entire body hurts. It hurts to sit. It hurts to walk. It hurts to sleep. I'm so tired all time no matter how much sleep I get and I can't concentrate. I get intense migraines and sometimes I lose feeling to my hands and feet. I've ground my teeth down and now I have bad dental problems. My entire life is suffering because I can't seem to stay afloat.

    I haven't officially been diagnosed yet but it's getting close. The doctors have tried spinal injections hoping to cure the pain but it didn't help. They did diagnose me with degenerative arthritis but that doesn't explain the muscle pain and the rest of the pain all over. I've had so many tests run and have tried so many things to cure this pain which nothing is apparently causing. I feel like I'm crazy because the pain is so real but there is nothing that any MRIs or xrays or blood tests have found. I have nobody to talk to and those I have just can't understand this chronic pain.

    I've fallen into a pretty deep depression and I'm not sure how to get out of this. I just want them to diagnose me because I just can't take another test coming back normal or more doctors telling me that nothing is wrong because something is seriously wrong...

    I've made an appointment to see a psychiatrist and I'm going to make it through this. But then this depression is creeping in and I can feel it trying to drag me down. How am I supposed to live the rest of my life in pain? I'm losing hope...

    How did you get through it? How did you eventually get diagnosed and how long did it take you to get diagnosed? I need help from those of you who have been through this....

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    Read this info...

    It is possible that all your pain could have been caused by tick-borne infections...Borrelia burgdorferi (lyme disease) , Babesia, Bartonella, etc.....very common!!!!!

    First 2 links contain great symptom lists.....

    pages 9-11 of following paper is symptom list and pages 22-27 is info about babesia, bartonella, etc...

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    I'm glad that Nanie posted with all that great lyme info. I never knew how many symptoms could apply to lyme until I actually began to see her posts. I am always glad to see her informative posts so please check out that information as it could make a huge difference in your life.

    I am disabled in an electric scooter and I get severe back pain and I am being treated for chronic severe migraines without aura. I also have lupus. I see a neurologist that also specializes in severe migraines and that has helped me so much. Breaking the migraine pattern is his first strike.

    Also, he does a through exam and tests, he works hard to get to the bottom of symptoms he finds. The pain I was getting was carpal tunnel and I didn't realize how that can really impact you. You may have sleep apnea and my neurologist tested for that, but I don't have that. Grinding your teeth down may require treatment by a TMJ doctor and a mouth splint--I required TMJ treatment and I wear a mouth splint to bed absolutely every night. That has made a difference.

    My one cat joins me to do my pain management techniques to help me lower the pain I get in my back. I am successful with that and don't have to take the pain meds for that. But don't give up. Keep looking for different ways to find relief.

    Months ago an art therapy class opened up for free for those in our area who are disabled, have MS, Parkinson's, depression, etc. The art teacher uses wonderful meditation, music therapy and many ways to inspire us to create projects. It is a safe, warm. welcoming and healing environment too. You don't have to be an artist, and that is the beauty because you let your creativity out and it is your art, you don't have to share it with others and suffer judgment and you feel a freedom and enjoyment. She has wonderful relaxing music that she plays that is positive. She reads wonderful poems and stories from many places and they are inspiring.
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    Dear Daydreamzz, I am from the fibro site but sometimes come on here as I have fibro, CFS, panic disorder, and migraines! I take Cymbalta for panic disorder and fibro pain and Lyrica for pain and to help me sleep! Have you ever been tested for fibro or CFS? The test for fibro they just check for sore spots (trigger points) and for CFS symptoms maybe a blood test to see if you have Epstein Barr virus in your system! Very easy!

    A LOT of people on the FM/CFS site have many of the same symptoms as you do including me! Post a new thread such as Need Help From Others as you did here and you will probably get a lot of replies! The best thing about the FM/CFS site is that it is much faster than this one with a lot of posts and replies everyday!

    I hope my reply helped some,
    Faith, Peace and comfort, Julie ( earthdog )
    P.S. I also do meditation, visualization and prayer for my disorders!
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    I was diagnosed after a very stressful faculty meeting, when I went into what seemed to be spontaneous anafylactic shock. At first the doctors thought I had had an allergic reaction but then I followed a friend's recommendation and went to see a Doctor of Integrated Medicine. Like you, everything came out normal, and she diagnosed me by process of elimination. She put me on a protocol of megadoses of vitamins, minerals and rest. I had to retire and have been more or less following her protocol for almost 19 years. Lately, I have added acupuncture and Chinese herbs, having found a gifted acupuncturist. I had to stop some supplements because of the cost, but the acupuncturist runs a clinic so I can afford to g once a week. (There is a new movement where some acupuncturists are trying to make health care affordable and run clinics). Both my M.D. and my Chinese Medicine Doctor work together and each respects the other. For me, it has worked out, especially as I have so many allergies to chemical medicines. I hope this helps in some way. Don't worry, you are not alone. Keep trying and you will find help. Blessings, Terry
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    Fibromyalgia is a symptom of a larger infectious picture.

    It is really nerve pain.......a neurological symptom.

    I was diagnosed with FM 23 years ago, but I figured out 2 years ago that it was just a symptom of a chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection and Bartonella infection.

    Please don't let a Dr label you with FM or CFS! Then the Dr thinks they have done their job because they have given you a diagnosis!

    Wrong! They are just giving a set of symptoms a name because they don't know WHY you are sick!


    I cannot say that enough!

    earthdog......Fatigue, Pain, headaches, panic attacks....are all symptoms of Lyme and Bartonella.

    I have all the tender points that are required for a FM diagnosis. The real question is WHY did I develop those, along with muscle pain and stiffness, insomnia, etc????

    The answer: Chronic infections that were never diagnosed or treated 23 years ago.

    It is not a coincidence that Cymbalta helps the neurological pain (feels like muscle pain) of FM, but the actual cause is often a bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi, aka Lyme) that attacks the neurological system.....hence there are often alot of neuro symptoms.

    Do not accept any diagnosis that has "NO KNOWN CAUSE"! ie: FM, CFS, MS, etc.

    That is ridiculous! Again, everything has a CAUSE!

    Find a Lyme literate MD on's Seeking a Doctor Board and get a good eval for tick-borne diseases before you spend the rest of your life chronically ill and taking prescriptions to cover up the awful symptoms.

    Go to's Medical Questions Board and post your story and symptoms and you will get some good advice from alot of very intelligent people on a fast moving board.

    I will say a prayer that you will be able to find the actual cause(s) of your symptoms, get proper treatment and recover.
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    You can get through this I know sometimes I still feel like giving up and curling up in a little ball(which would hurt alot) and forget about everyone and everything, but then I snap out of it It will help to see a therapist and also talking to people on here. I also have the dental problems and so does my sister in-law and her mom(who both have fibro) have the dental problems too. But don't give up or lose hope. It also takes finding a good dr. who believes in fibro. Best wishes to you. Gentle Hugs Pamela