Need Help How do I quit Percocet?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jane_Canuck, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    Hi there

    I have a new MD and he says I do not need percocet.

    So I have 14 left and its been the only thing that helps at night to get to sleep.

    YA I KNOW that is not what it is for, but it numbs the pain and then I can sleep.

    He gave me flexeril instead.

    This is day 2 now of trying to get off, I caved at 6 am yesterday when I could not get to sleep.

    every cell in my bod is screaming and I am trying to not listen.

    My arms from the elbows down rae in so much pain that I want to gnaw them off even if all I have is dull sppons to use.

    it is still so hot ni the house that I can not just drift off.

    all the fans are blowing on or aorund me so I hope not to over heat htat way.

    I would love to hear some thoughts!

    TYVM All Brenda
  2. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    I left you a post on the wine and chocolate thread. So what DOES this doc think you should use instead of the percs? I use lortab 10's, have for several years but they are actually for my lousy back. Sure wish I could help you more girl.....


    Sorry, just read your post again and see he gave you flexeril. That didn't do squat for me Brenda other than weight gain. This guy doesn't want you to have ANY type of pain pill? Flexeril is a muscle relaxer.[This Message was Edited on 07/28/2006]
  3. gymmbabe

    gymmbabe New Member

    Hi there,

    My doc tried the same thing. He experimented with several medications before we went back to percocet (for severe pain). I am taking Tramodol for the every day pain and it works well for me. As far as a good night's rest, I am still trying to conquer that battle!

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    The only thing that I know is that if you have been taking any type of narcotic for a period of time, you need to taper off the medication. You body has become physically dependent on it (not addicted...big difference).

    It depends on how much you have been taking and the length of time on how long it will take you to get it SAFELY out of your system.

    I was and still am on a narcotic pain med and I did not think at the time I started the medication how I was to quit it if I started to not need it any longer. I am on Oxycontin which is a time released version of Percocet and also without the Tylenol.

    I was told you could come off of it in 2 weeks with a schedule of weaning you off the meds and that it would not be easy. I have been told (and I can't remember who or where) is that you can have convulsions by stopping some of these meds cold turkey. I have also been told that coming off of narcotic pain meds is harder than most illegal drugs.

    You need to talk with this doctor or find another doctor. I do not know all the details but I know this is not the correct or safe way to come off medication.

    I hope someone else will respond to your post that can help you more. You might call your pharmacist and ask for advise also.

    Why is he doing this and doing it this way? He could help you get off the medication humanly.

  5. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I agree you need to talk to your doctor again. Pain is what YOU think it is not him! How can he decide that you do not need it!! Flexeril, in my opinion, is not what is needed here. You need a better sleep med and a pain med.
    Keep track of your pain, rate it from 1-10. Sometimes that helps convince htem.

  6. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    This might sound strange but I had trouble sleeping for years and years - like over 20 years (that part isn't strange but what helped me is)!

    My doc put me on Xyrem at the FFC for a year and it worked great but I hated falling asleep knowing I couldn't wake up if I needed to. Regular sleeping meds didn't help me much.

    About 3 months ago a friend at my karate studio started taking Xango (Mangosteen juice) and since I had heard a lot of good things about it on Lymenet over this past year, I bought 2 bottles from her.

    Well, I've been on it now almost 3 months and I've completely stopped my sleep meds! I honestly can't believe it. If you can find someone (a distributor) who sells it near you, try it and see.

    (a side note - my husband bought a box for his 85 year old mom with real bad arthritis in her shoulder, and its been 3 months and she's almost pain free!)

    There are copy cats out there - I even looked at some in the health food store and they don't have half of the rind or pericarp where all the antioxidants are (they don't tell you how much on the liquids but the pills do and its minimal) as the Xango does.

    I just thought I'd tell you how good it has worked for me. Its also helped my energy, pain from lyme, allergies are about half as bad but the sleep is the most amazing thing to me.

    Just wanted to share that with you. It's expensive but quite honestly, I'd pay double for it if I had to - glad I don't though. I'm sure you can find someone who sells it and try a box.


  7. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    you need to wean yourself off the percocet. go as long as you can between doses stretching the time until you just don't need them any more. also someone suggested ultram instead, that's a good idea and you may want to ask your dr about it.
    i hope this helps.

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