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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by btrekker, Jun 7, 2008.

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    I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday and she informed me that a new doctor in their clinic who is a "newbie," straight out of school is putting together a new pain contract.

    I met with him once and he is a firm believer that people with chronic pain do not need pain medication.

    I haven't had my doctor for too long due to relocation. I live in a rural area and there is not many to pick from. I have severe Fibromyalgia with severe complicated migraines.

    I have been treated with pain medication for the past 10+ years and and I can't imagine not having anything with for the pain.

    I had researched and collected many articles and studies that supported pain medications for people with chronic pain.

    They found proof that people with chronic pain do not become addicted and only a slight percent abuse them.

    They supported that is was only due to their pain being treated with these medications that gave them any quality of life etc.

    Unfortunately, I loaned them out to someone who needed help and they moved without returning them. My fault for not having copies!

    If anyone has or knows of articles or studies that would support the use of analgesics for people in chronic pain would you let me know.

    She said that the medical profession was leaning towards using other methods and stopping use of analgesics for chronic pain due to addiction.

    I would appreciate any help, as I disagreed with her and would love to bring in studies and articles of the medical profession stating the opposite.
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    To educate your MD, I suggest materials from national specialty websites aimed at physicians. Information from patient-oriented sites may not be as convincing even if the content is correct. (That's just the way it is, sorry.)

    Note I have not read all materials on the site so read them before giving them to your doc.

    This first site has statements about use of opioids and even sample pain contracts:

    This second site has a clinical guideline specifically for fibromyalgia but costs $20.

    Explore the sites on your own for more material.
  3. btrekker

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    thank you for your sites so much. I have been down, but will go through them today.

    I do have a contract, but with this new doctor straight out of med school who knows everything about pain. HA!

    Ever since I began with this disease I have been the one to suggest having only one doctor write my prescriptions.

    Having only one pharmacy, preferably a private owned one so they aren't as busy.

    Before my next appointment I would really like to have some documentation for her to have.

    And also ask her if she has ever taken the time to look into our world of chronic illnesses and pain and the suffering so many go through because of textbook thinkers.

    Did you know that one of Dr. Kevorkian's (sp?) patients suffered with severe Fibromyalgia?

    It's been a couple of years ago, but within a 3 week period I knew either people I knew personally, through others or on the board, but lost six to suicide do to not having a doctor who would treat their pain and it was unbearable.

    Instead of going to those type of seminars I wish they would sit with groups of people who suffer with chronic pain to the point that they have lost all quality of life.

    I read somewhere this quote, " I would rather be physically dependent on pain meds and have somewhat of a normal life. Then not be physically dependent on my meds and have no life at all!"
  4. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    The first time that I had to sign one I had my doubts. It really safegaurds th doctors and you.

    It just says that you won't seek meds anyplace else and that they can require random UA if they suspect that you are.

    It really is no big deal.

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