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    if my dr said that i have low acid in my stomach, hes working on whats best to gave me, he did blood work, so does that mean im more alkiline than acidly, jam any answers. thanks baby girl,

    and yes you are my elder, i didnt know you were as old as you said. my apologies.
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    I don't mean to step on toes, however there are at least 2 different forms of betaine, for diff purposes. Each may be produced in a lab using betaine from beetroot (veg) & reacting it with other chemicals.

    TMG helps with homocysteine in some people primarily by the boost given to the body's methylation cycle by the three methyl groups in each molecule of TMG.

    Betaine Hydrochloride, on the other hand, is often helpful for those with low stomach acid. The body splits the HCL off of the betaine & it is the HCL that helps us digest food -- replenishing what is deficient in hypochloridia.

    I don't think that TMG and Betaine HCL can be successfully interchanged for specific uses like low stomach acid & high homocysteine.

    Best wishes.
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    yesterday i took blood test of a word i cannot remember, it beging with a H, i think is Hydrochloride,it was a long word, and other test insulin i think was another blook work he wants to check, well when i go get my result of those tests, i will let you know what was discovered from the blood work. thank jam
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