Need Help!!! Need a Doctor and don't know which to go to...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pamela, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. pamela

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    Since I can't take any meds or eat most of what I use to eat without a MAJOR chemical reaction...fatigue, headache and shooting pains, body aches...I need to know what type of doctor I could go to to help me. Maybe there is some shot I could take or something to help with this but I'm worn completely out with it. If I eat something or take stuff like Neurontin, Gabitril or any chemical type med I pay dearly for it. I use to never be this way and so please help. Thank you Pamela

    P.S. Maybe a Endocrinology type doc or allergy??? I do have FMS also.
  2. pamela

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    Please bump need help!!!
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    I just wanted to introduce myself and give you a big hug. With the way my insurance works I have to go my primary doctor and get referred to a specialist. Have you spoken to your regular doctor about your concerns? If you have and the dr. isn't wanting to help you find the right specialist find a new pp.

    Good luck!
  4. kgg

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    Sounds like you could have multiple chemical sensitivities. Have you been tested for allergies? I would consider an environmental doc that does allergy testing. Preferably one that uses preservative free tests. Environmental medicine medical association has a site with a referral number.

    My son can't take a lot of meds because he is allergic to corn and it is in almost everything as a binder in meds and sweetener in foods.
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    at one point, i was reacting to everything, it seemed, and became too ill to do anything. mainstream medicine gave me no help. i found an environmental dr. here who put me on liquid food and some other unusual stuff and i feel that he saved my life. i also found a naturopath extremely helpful. it turned out that i had many food and chemical intolerances, too, and these folks both helped me identify them and provide me with supplements to deal with malabsorption. (an allergist tested me and said i wasn't allergic to anything.) i surely empathize with your situation and hope you find someone quickly, as you will find great improvement with the right kind of help!
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    I have severe reactions to medicines & foods . . . do you know what the exact name is of the environmental medical assoc? I couldn't find it in an internet search for physician referral . . . Thanks! Terri
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    Pam--what a mess, huh? I found a Doctor who treats chemical sensitivities, fibro, and cfs. He is a D.O. and is very good with food allergies too. I don't have a prob with most conventional rx'es, but I have had on a few occassions, and he has found wonder herbal and homeopathic treatments for me. He says he has a great number who are very sensitive to chems and meds. I have become more chem. sensitive, since the onset of this.

    I do have to travel a day to see him, (I live in a very remote place), but it is well worth it. You might check some of the listings for those who specialize in Chem. Sensitivities.

    Hope you get relief soon!