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    Hi, I am very stressed out. I have been on STD for 6 months now. I would get extended on a month to month basis. On the 6th month which is this month, the insurance company (IC) sent me the LTD forms to fill out. I did and submitted the forms. Now comes the weird part. The IC told me that I needed to fill out one more STD extension because I had not exhausted my STD and that the LTD was still pending. On Monday, I submitted the form they requested. I did not hear from them, but being that I'm only approved till Monday 9/22, I called them to see what the status was. I have never had such a run around before. According to the IC, both are still pending and they cannot give me an answer until Monday. Wha??? So the deadline for my STD is today and the LTD is still pending, but told I will find out next week if I'm approved. Does this sound fishy to anyone. If they received the extension on the STD on Monday, why is it still pending? I don't know what to think.....Does anyone know whats happening?

    PatDLT :-(
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    I applied for my LTD with the same company I had my STD with before my STD was up. It took them almost 60 days from the time I sent in my claim forms to approve my claim. By this time, it had been a month and a half since my last STD check was issued. I couldn't get them to return my calls inquiring about the status of my claim. I didn't know what was going on until I got my first LTD check, which was the only notification I got until a letter 4 months later, saying my claim had been approved(!)
    and that they were basically forcing me to file for SSDI. I don't have any problem with that because they will keep paying me benefits until my SSDI is approved and they are going to pay Allsup's fees. But they have never returned any of my calls, ever. Hopefully you will ultimately get approved, but you probably won't be able to find anything out before then.
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    I hope that is all it is, because I didn't have a problem with them until now. They would always return my call (always had to leave a message first). I would get a phone call that the letter was in the mail. They were prompt and asking me to summit the paperwork, everything was hunky dory. But this last conversation made it sound that they did not want to tell me that I was denied until the last minute so I would lose everything. I'm glad to hear that you are receiving your LTD. I just wish they would tell you what's going on instead of keeping you in the dark. What if they did not get the right information or the right doctor.

    I talked to Allsup, but I was not ready for their help. So far I have done this on my own. I did not think that Allsup did LTD, just SSID. And regarding SSID, I found the following on the internet.

    "Unfortunately, you will receive no financial benefit if the Social Security examiners determine that you are disabled. Any benefits you receive under the SSDI program are used to "offset" the liability of the disability insurance company. This means that your check from the insurance company is reduced by one dollar for every dollar you receive from Social Security, so all of the gain goes to the insurance company."

    Is this lawful?

    Thank you so much for responding.


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    If you receive SSDI you won't receive a check on top of your LTD check. You will get the amount that you would normally get from LTD. But the amount that LTD pays is usually way higher than what you would get from SSDI alone.

    Make sure you keep on your LTD company. It is common for them to try and drop you if they can and they will not tell you they are doing so till the last second cause they do not want you to fight it.

    If your carrier has instructed you to apply for SSDI then I would start the process as it is a long one. You want this started for 2 reasons, one cause your carrier requires it and 2 because if your carrier decides to drop you and they win the fight you will want something to fall back on like SSDI.

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