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    hi everyone I hope this isnt outof the ball park if you know hat i mean I have a friend that i used to try to talk to we where together all the time well just last week I found out some more bad news about haveing something eles wrong with me and two days later she just disappeared again she stays gone for a week and then comes ack like nothings wrong and she is always trying to be sick like me she just doesnt have a clue but thinks she she jelous because hse isnt sick too or is she just strange and I should run for the hills she has done this before when i got sick i just dont get it...anyone got any ideas what i should do here all this stress just kills meit makes the pain even worse...
    sorry if this is off the path here but i have no one to talk to and sence we atre all friends going thought all kinds of things i thought i would ask....
    thanks for what ever help i can get.....
    soft hugs ,,,,linda
  2. Shirl

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    If something concerns your FM/CFS it is acceptable on this board. If you want to just chat and ask for help with regular personal problems, we have a 'Chit Chat Board' for that, if you are interested, just go to the top of this page where it says; 'Message Boards' it will bring you to an index, just click on Chit Chat Board (not to be confused with the live chat) and you will fine a great bunch of people there that are always willing to listen to your problems, and they are full of fun too.

    This problem is acceptable on this board, I would say, as it seems to be causing you stress and stress causes pain and sickness!

    If this friend of yours is causing you distress, then I would simply eliminate her from your life.

    I have had to removed many of her kind of people from my life, they are complainers, copy cats, gossips, alarmist, and would stress the heck out of me. Then I would be upset, and full of pain, and they would just go to their next 'victim' when I could not take anymore. Some people just thrive on those kinds of lifestyles, we can't afford them in our world.

    I am so much better without them, that I don't even miss their company anymore.

    This is an illness that requires peace and tranquility if at all possible. There are just some people who just don't fit into our world if we want to get well.

    Hope this has helped you make a decision, its not easy to do, but just stay away from her for a month, and you would be surprised how much better you feel!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I have a friend like that in a way. We have been friends for 30 years and she has been that way always. I accept her for her and she accepts me for me. She maybe on her way over and a week later she calls,she forgot or did something else. Oh, well that's her. I don't count on her for anything, but we do have fun when we are together or on the phone. Some people just want to be the center of attention and when therir not, oh well, too bad for them.

    Take care and don't stress about it. Kim and Gary