need help or clues for my son

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    My son is 6 1/2 and we have alot of different problems with him and i dont know what to do anymore. I cant get any of his doctors to listen to me when i tell them what is going on at home. They think because he dont have any physical health problems that there is nothing wrong with him. When he was born and they showed him to me for the first time he was blue. he cried and was breathing on his own but he had a blue color to him and it took the nurses about 30 to 45 get his body temp up to normal, but when the drs examined him they said that he was a healthy little boy. I had my son by c-section on a friday and we were allowed to go home on sunday (by my chose) but when he was examined again before going home the dr told me that they discovered a heart murmur so we were sent to a specialist which found out that he actually had 2 small holes in his heart. They did not require surgery and did grow shut by the time he was 1yr old. In the mean time we had discovered that at the age of 3months old he couldnt hear. The ENT did test on him and said that his eardrums were responding to sound and couldnt figure out why he wasnt responding to them. The ENT then sent him to see a neurologist which told me that I had no business taking him to see him because since he was arching his back and holding his head there was nothing neurologically wrong with him but would see him back in a year for a check up. When that year was up and we took him back he made it sound like we shouldnt have been there again. From the time he could crawl till he was about 2 he would sit up along a wall and beat his head against the wall for no reason and when i would say something to the dr about it they said again that there was nothing wrong with him. He didnt start really talking till he was 4yrs old and then they werent complete sentences and till this day he doesnt talk right. He will mix up the begining and ending sounds or just completely knock them off. He is on his second year of kindergarden and still isnt ready to go to first grade. He doesnt know how to really do anything for hisself when it comes to everyday living like bathing and dressing and tolitry. My husband gets mad at me because i am still dressing him and wiping his butt when he poops. I always make him try it before i do it for him and it still comes down to me having to do it for him. I just dont know what to do and when he goes to the doctors its like they dont even want to hear about it. My husband watched some for show early one morning and they were talking about some for new disorder and he says it matches my son to the tee.