need help please!!! got a phone call from my congressmen??

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    well from the call i recieved today they cant help me!! im so frustrated right now. he said it was the law and that he cant do anything to make this prosses any faster..ugh he told me that i needed to add more to my case since i last filled(more evidence)THAT THIS HAS GOT WORSE)?? its got better of course, now that my pains more under control jeez THIS DOESNT MEAN IM NOT DOWN FOR DAYS ON END WITH HORRIBLE PAIN. cause if nothings changed in my case since my last denial.
    THAT i would probably be denied! he was very friendly and did tell me i could call him with any problems i had. And he did seem like he wanted to help me. Anyone have any suggestion?? Im just at a lose.
    My disability is due to backpain arm pain,myofascial pain and fibro. My update and review of the medical evidence shows that i have been diagnosed with chronic back pain!! sure im able to walk and stuff without a cain, but that doesnt mean im not in sever pain!!!How am i supposed to prove myself more?? isnt the review that the doctor feel out for disability more proof?
    I was in and out of emerg alot in the beginning, and dont they realize we have to take all the meds for a reason? shouLd i go and get all my medical record? my lawer said he has them but?? can anyone help me thanks
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    just wanted to add i suffer with chronic arm and shoulder pain as well, I also have permanent muscle damedge in my back , the bump on my back shows there is damedge to the muscles where all this pain has accured. I have another broken blood vessle on my wrest this happens way to easily all i have to do, is bump myself it seems. My pain has been really bad these days i want to call the nurse, but ive done this so much i just get sick of dealing with this dd. I had to up my meds and i need to call them with this and the blood vessle thing.thanks so much for any help with this to all ronda
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    that he called you and said that they can not help your....

    did you tell them you just wanted them to do a congressional inquiry to get the paperwork off someone's desk like it normally does collect dust....

    you have an attorney call and ask them what they suggest..

    good luck


    p.s. didi you fill out any paperwork for the congressman's office to let them know what you wanted...

    i don't understand it but mine helped out here, but of course mine was a once single mom on welfare, and got through to be a congressman....lynn woolsey...she is a big advocate for the poor...

    i would call the office back again but that is just me,

    check out maybe that can give some tips...
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    should i call and ask them this or have my lawyer contact them? I didnt ask him this because i didnt know what to ask for. thanks for your help..=) i need to get some sleep its 1:30 am
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    and if not you call them and them to do a congressional iquiry to see about getting the court date expeidited do to the hardhsp you are having.....and it has already been too long this is when it started . tell you have a friend here in califonia use congressmans lynn wollsey office got right on the ball about everyhting and speed oup te process we didn't even need to go to hearing. tell them you are distute about one months out the door from being evicted...that may play on you feelings.

    the squeky wheels get oiled...

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    I wanted to write you a list of my pain since this whole ordeal started.
    first bad thing was a feeling of getting ran over by truck my whole upper torso felt bruised horribly really weird and very painful.

    first noticed something in 2001 had horrible arm and shoulder pains with fevers.weakness in arms couldnt do anything without crying

    noticed eyesite was effected once.blured vision

    I Had pins and needle pain sqeezing artery pains and knife like stabs in arms and shoulders very disturbing pain!!!and still do

    swollen lymph nodes under arms first couple mths.
    sick muscle feeling after cyropractic care.lasting mths on end

    feeling of just being very ill.alot of the time

    then after going to er and doctors over and over again for help with pain! and of course trying to figure out what all this was.

    a fue mths later still fighting to find out what was wrong with me, i had some pain in my middle to lower back felt like a bunch of presure building up. er again exc exc exc.

    then slowly the pain got worse and worse stinging burning lighning stabs that was the worst soo painful it would make me jerk. excrusiating pains!!!!

    like a bomb went off in my back pain in therotic middle and lower back.

    this pain left me shaking and trimbling it was so horrific.I had a horrible rash on my face that was brought on by this.

    burning inferno of back pain for two plus years.could not do anything and i do mean anything, but lay on heating pad.

    Terrible spine pain and spasyms

    I have horrible spasyms in my spine and back

    artery pain in neck in the beginning lasting more than a couple weeks.

    weird artery pain in legs lasting a couple weeks on and off.

    now im dealing with arm and shoulder pain here and there stinging back pain. horrible spasyms in back and spine on movement or just siting there...=(..

    my worst flares happen every other week burning a stinging all the way to my rib cage very hard to deal with , probably happens when i do to much.

    and this list just goes on and on can anyone else suggest what i should do? theres know way i can go back to work with all this!! please can anyone else help me!!thanks so much i really need it........ hugs ronda

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    I am sorry for your misfortune and not feeling well. I am not feeling so well myself, so I can relate. Have had this dd since 98 after a gall bladder surgery. Seems like a never ending flareup. And the colder season does not help me at all. On a ton of meds, and am bummed out that the new med Lyrica is not covered by my insurance. It would cost $160 out of my pocket. Not sure if you had heard about this new med that fda was taking their sweet time approving. But the cost is so ridiculous! And not sure about the side effects either.

    Anyways, to go back to your subject, I filed on my own, and was denied 3 times, this is usually the case. I then got an attorney and won my case. I also had a conservative Judge.

    It helped to have the atty, but I think I provided additional information that helped my case. For ex. I got a copy of my personnel file. Showed how many times I was on Medical Leave, evaluations, and bonuses I received. I also kept a lot of my time cards, memos from my doctors when I was out sick, and memos from my Mgr and or Director regarding time taken off for this dd. I also provided certificates of recognition or awards showing I was capable of doing the job prior to this dd. So as I got sicker, the evaluations got worse due to absences.

    If you have good relations with your mgr or co-workers, it could help to get letters from them, as to how you functioned prior to your illness, and when you became sick.
    How about letters from family members, and friends.

    I saw about 6-7 doctors, but my atty only used 3 of them. Have you seen other professionals other then a chiropractor. for instance, acupuncture, massage therapist, etc. that you can get letters from?

    Did your office provide special equipment to help you with your job, and did not help.

    As you know, they are looking for symptoms that cause the limitations to do your job or any job. Can't sit for certain amount of time, or hold a phone, or write. Can not get out of bed, severe widespread pain, and fatigue. Migraines, and on and on. Hope this helps a bit. If I remember more, I will let you know.

    My prayers are with you!


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    you, see if they will at least write a letter explaining your immediate need. THEN call and read from the letter you've sent..make it sound like it's just YOU talking though.

    They CAN help if they want to. Some are just busy and too lazy to go the
    extra mile, but there are elections coming up and if his seat is up for election he should be more interested in helping you since it's good for his campaign to be able to say he helps the disabled.
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    Ive been denied twice. Im up for a hearing with the alj and i just got off the phone with my attorny office and they adviced me not to worry about what the congressional office told me about needed more proof in my case.

    She said they have one alot of these cases at the appeal process that have one there disibility cases . I have asked her to send me a copy of my medical records my doctor has noted. since she never did. and yes my doctor does believe my complants, but im still not sure what was documented.

    I have fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome chronic arm shoulder, and middle back pain sometimes lower back and therotic back pain

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    she also told me im about four or five mths out for my hearing..I guess thats good hmmm.. I dont want to be dishonest about this in any way shape or form, just to get this long prosses over with! I know how hard this is for people just getting there disability.

    I can only pray and be old honest joe here..We are having hard ships of course with all my medical bills and i have know insurance.and many other things but know evections notices or anything. would be differant a couple years ago we lost are first home. thank you everyone for your help and kindness..hugs ronda
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    I think i will give them a call tomorrow, im really curious what they will say, If i ask them for a congressional inquiry.
    It certanly couldnt hurt matters . And it would be nice to get some much needed help after all this time. thanks again all, ill let you know what happens
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    How sorry I am for you!! You must be so frusrated.

    Here is what I would suggest: Go out and buy a cane. It will probably help you, anyway. Be aware that you are probably being watched. Maybe the government is not actually watching you, but be assured that they will probably interview your neighbors. Be prepared.

    If you are asked if you are better, you don't have to answer "yes" or "no". You can answer by stating again how terrible and debilitating your pain is.

    Be careful not to empty your garbage or take your cans out to the curb. Don't do yard work, and, again, don't be seen without your cane, of if you really feel it won't help you, walk very slowly all the time. The government is myopic. They do not think, they only fill out forms. There are no shades of gray with them, only black and white. Their job is to save money, not to help people, so that they have different priorities than we do.

    I'm not suggesting that you act, but I am suggesting that you not be "brave",especially in such things as not using a cane, because it will not help your case to be "strong" about such things.

    Good luck.
    Hugs and prayers,
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    lol you think i should buy a cane? hmm could use it some days, but those day i usually stay home. maybe i should what does everyone else think? And do you think i should bring it with me to my appeal with a alj?
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    that blows my mind too. Sad isnt it..=( Ive been racking my brain all day with this question to call or not to

    Im thinking it certainly couldnt hurt matters?? anyone ever heard of this slowing down the prosses?

    I have to stop thinking about this im giving myself a headache... hopefully by morning and with a prayer ill be able to do make the right choice for me what ever that is.... lol love you all and thanks again everyone for your help
  15. 69mach1

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    you have some great advice here...

    and as far as thinking of faking it with a cane, it can't hurt...and yes you do need to watch what you carry out and in your house...

    i live in an apartment 12 steps up...i bought a portable cart that collapses to put my laundry in... andi have my son carry out the garbge most of the time...

    but i'm doing what the p.t's have told me to do with my body mechanics anyways...

    and i have cruthes i keep them because i have had my back go out so bad that i can not walk on my my foot at all...i got those in the e.r. room////

    call back ask for a congressional inquiry and then i would tell them you need a dire need letter because you can not make your bills or maybe you have had a hardship of some sort....

    i was put on that list in the computer at the ssa my paperwork did get processed a little bit faster...
    i won my last most recent case on 9-15-05 and i just got the money deposited in my account yesterday...

    but i also had a prior closed case hearing was took until jan-20-05 to recieve those that can give you sorta a time line...this was w/o the congressonal inquiry i didn't know to call them untill my last most recent ssdi case above...

    and the above most recent one would've been process even quicker if there still wasn't anything lagging from the closed case of 7/04. they owed me money for my son yet and i just got that deprostied in my account nov. 3.05.....

    but i had a worker's comp check that ssa in balitmore did not calcualte correeectly when they did my cas sothey were trying to say i owed them an overpayment of 2,300 dollars...well i said i don't have the money to pay you back..and if you would release the money from my son's apportionment then i could pay you back,,but they say in there law books if it was there error i do not need to pay back....well i was told i did not need to pay back because they screwed up there...

    please do call, maybe they didn't really understnad your financial situation...just say i paid my rent this month ai can't afford to buy gifts and i don't know how or where i'm going to get the money from and you have alsways loved working nin your past position but unofnately you fell into a bad healht...

    i think you will prevail in your case you dod have your attorney working for and he doesn't get paid if he loosee you is just matter of time...and you will prevaill

    calling won;t hurt anything so talk professioal that you intend on get voc rehab to get retreined to bedcm an i can this process for the disable....

    jojjdiei'm feeling my looppy form my ambiean righ now ...justs
    kicked the ambien
    s; so i need to go...


  16. lilac123

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    Please hang in there and don't give up hope. My congressman told me he couldn't help also at the beginning. He explained it as he only has so many cards he can play with the ALJ hearings office and he had to pick and chose which people he really pushes for.

    He advised me to write a "Dire Need" letter. I also had a letter from a family member who came to visit who hadn't seen me since my dd. She mentioned the changes in me and asked for his assistance also. I would highly recommend going this route. My doc wrote a letter explaining that I need other exstensive treatment to manage my pain but can't afford it. I wrote a dire need letter and will try to find it and post it for you. Both a dire need letter and a letter from people around you who may notice things you don't notice. My Mom noticed I walk around with my forehead wrinkled from the pain all the time. I would have never known that.

    Below is the second letter I wrote to him and it was mentioned in my approval letter that I won because of the sencerity and consistency of these letters. I will watch your posts to see if I can help anymore. Best of Luck and my prayers are with you. P.s. You can do a search by username and find the original letter I wrote if you like.

    RE: Dire Need

    Dear Mr. Hurn:

    Thank you for your time yesterday on the phone with me.

    I am just at a loss and having a horrible time with this medical disability. Besides the constant chronic pain I suffer every day it is taking a toll on me emotionally as well.

    I am sure that many people are in my situation and worse and I pray for those people always. But, all I know first hand is my situation. I became ill and unable to work. I tried to explain all of this and a short history of who I am to you in an earlier letter.

    At this point I am in dire need of this disability decision because I cannot afford the medication and the treatments available to me. I am already behind on the payments to the doctor I have to see and that could cause a real problem when they say I can no longer go until the bill is paid. There are treatments I could be receiving that would help me but I do not have the money for food, medications, etc. let alone these treatments.

    I am begging this time that something can be done to expedite my hearing. I don’t know how much longer I can take this. This is the most trying thing I have been through and my emotional well being is in grave danger. I cry constantly from the pain, depression, and frustration of all of this. When my case was at the reconsideration stage it sounded like it had been approved and then all of a sudden it wasn’t.

    I wish with all my heart I could still do what I used to. And I still hold the faith that maybe someday I will be able to help others again. But, right now it is all I can do to take care of my basic needs on a daily basis and most days those needs are not being met. I pray that you can help me and thank you for being there to at least try. If I thought for one minute this wasn’t due to me I would not bother you.

  17. Adl123

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    If you use your cane, absolutely,- I think you should take it with you to every interview and doctor's visit.

    I used mine until I got my assistance dog, because I never can tell when my legs are going to give out, or when I'm going to be overcome with weakness. Now I take my dog.
    Good luck,
  18. onnaroll

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    you think i should write a dire needs letter ? this might be easier for me to get my point across, then by phone.hmmmmmmmmm Im not always good with words but maybe a seconded letter would help.....
  19. onnaroll

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    I started bawling on the phone with him. I was exsplaning to him about how this hit me and i couldnt lay on my back with out alot of pain, that made me start crying thinking back how scared i was
  20. poodlemommy

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    Its all part of the process. They deny as many times as they can get away with in the hopes you will go away. So dont give up. Keep going thru each channel. I was just weeks away from an arbitration hearing when they decided to approve after 3 denials. So hang in there and keep at it. See if the doctors can provide some more detailed letters adding a few more symptoms you have that are new or escalated. good luck