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    I previously was asking advise for my mom who has been suffering with a white coated tongue and unable to eat. She has been off Nystatin for a couple of days and now today her symptoms are coming back. Even tho the doc said her culture came back negative for thrush, she had relief with the Nystatin. Now that she is off of it its coming back. Her stomach is better so the H pylori must be gone or at a stand still but she said her tongue is prickly along with her lips and it feels like she is getting a sore throat.
    What do I do? The docs dont believe her that she even has a problem in her mouth, they look at it and say there is nothing there but its real for her. She has had fibromyalgia for many years and has always worked through her symptoms and her pain, never been down a day. Now all of the sudden she cant function on a day to day basis. What am i to think, who do I turn to, I just cant sit back and watch her suffer.
    Advise please.
    Thank You!!!!!
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    Sounds like she still has yeast problems. Buy some coconuts. She should drink the coconut juice inside the coconut as well as the white stuff. Its high in caprylic acid and that's what kills yeast. Also buy some acidophulus and bifidus. Make sure its keep in a refrigetor when you buy it at the store. The potency is higher when its kept refrigerated. She should stay away from bread and sugar. Im assuming she was on antibiotics for the h pylori bacteria. So the antibiotics caused the yeast problem. Also she can brush her tongue with apple cider vinegar. I put 1 tsp in a glass a water per day. This also helps with yeast. Maybe she should go back on Nystatin for a few more weeks. Im currently taking terbinafine (anti-fungal) medication for ringworm. Doc said I might have to be on it for 3-4 months. Yeast takes a long time to get rid of. You have to totally change your eating habits. No high sugar fruit. So no bananas, oranges. I eat 1 apple a day. I eat lots of vegetables, oatmeal with blueberries, soups (with no sugar), etc.
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    For the Mycelex Troches I read today that you aren't supposed to eat or drink for 30 minutes after you use it. I had never heard that before. I changed my toothbrush about 3 times during treatment and was on the stuff for 19 days.

    Finally I have gotten rid of it (I hope). It's no fun at all and the pain is beyond belief.

    I don't know why she can't convince the dentist or someone to give her an Rx for Nystatin. It is harmless taken for thrush. Call the dentist and see if he will give her an Rx for the med. I get Rx's from my endocrinologist.

    Good luck to your mother.

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    but then why doesnt something show up when they took the culture?
    She had the burning sensation in her throat and mouth before taking the antibiotics for H pylori.
    She has a Dr. appt tomorrow to go over the results of her EGD. It should be interesting to see what he has to say. He believes there is nothing wrong with her mouth and throat.
    I think a change in her diet wouldnt be a bad thing but so many things have sugar in them. And right now she is having a hard time eating so the only things that go down are puddings and jello and custards and some yogurt.
    I will tell her to start taking the acidophalus(sp) and the other one!
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    Last week I had a problem with my tongue - it was bleeding, from a blood blister that was in the middle where I could not have bitten it. I went to the health expert at my local health food store and he showed me a chart that indicated that my symptom was an indication that my small intestine was iritated. He made some suggestions for my diet, and I'm a whole lot better. The bloating is gone too.

    I think it would be a good idea for you to see the health specialist at your local health food store, or a naturopathic or homeopathic doctor. The good thng about the specialists at health food stores, is that feaquently they are highly trained, and they are free.

    Good luck to you.
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    it could be herpes simplex 2: the one that causes fever sores and white prickly bumps. not the uncurable one. i had it severe 25 years ago, a dentist gave me the medicine that coated my throat and relieved the pain and fever. it was up to 104. it is nothing to worry about unless you get it like your mom. the good news is that mine was that long ago and they have better medicine now. i press the outer part of my thumb (either one) on which ever side hurts, and hold for a count of 20. when i let go the aches go away. when i read about this i worked at an answering service and that really helped when you talked to over 500 people a day. i still use this technic. sometimes, it will come back, but it is nice to know it won't cost to try this mini cure. it is excellent for constant talkers. hee hee.