Need help sleeping ideal,s anyone?

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    i/ve tried differt meds for sleep with no success.....i had a sleep study test done it showed i only go in stage 1 and 2 ,you should go to stage 4,but people with fm and cfs have trouble in this area .I will be grateful for any to site but love it already .....thanks,Fibrosmile
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    I've had the sleep tests. I have sleep apena. I stop breathing while asleep. This can lead to heart attacks. I've already had 2. I'm 46. My mattress is to hard and causes me not to sleep well. I've slept upright in a recliner and it helps me alot. I would look into medication for the sleeping problem.
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    I see you are new to the board so I would like to welcome you to a great sourse for support and information. As far as sleeping, well it's 1:30am so what can I say?? I fell asleep from 8 to 10 am now awake. The doctor put me on Effexor and it does help me sleep. It doesn't make me sleepy but what it does for me is; when I go to bed to go to sleep I do just that, no more tossing & turning and worrying about stuff anymore. I had to quit working so now that I don't usually have to wake up at a set time it doesn't really matter to me what time I go to bed. If I'm tired I go to bed, if I'm not I either read or am on the computer. I also have a prescription for Ambien and Alprazolam that can help, I just don't usually take it unless there's a specific reason why I must fall asleep early.

    Welcome again, I hope you will enjoy the board as much as I do and hope to see your postings in the future.

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    Naprosyn 325 mg twice a day, and Ultracet at nite, and am sleeping better. They're anti-inflammatory meds. I'll take um for a while til a better solution comes along.

    Stretching helps before bedtime cuz I get restless legs/body frequently

    I'm an RN as well but have to keep working, and that's NOT a good thing.............but the meds keep me from that overall burning pain.

    Good luck, smiley!
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    Some people take warm baths and there's a CD that's supposed to help. Hopefully someone who knows about it will reply. Others recommend chamomile tea and I think someone mentioned wild lettuce tea? Valerian root is a muscle relaxant, but by itself it didn't help me sleep.

    Otherwise, there's an article in the Library called "Dr. Paul Cheney Discusses the Benefits of Klonopin" (just do a search on klonopin). That's supposed to help us get to stage 4.
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    I've tried Klonopin, Ambien, and Trazadone for sleep, but I actually get better results from the new sleep aid that Tylenol has put out. I don't remember won't it is called, but it is the only one that they make that doesn't have any actual Tylenol in it. I still have to take more than the recommended dosage (I usually take 4), but I have to do that with all of my meds. There is also another one that is in the same section as the rest of the sleep aids (again I don't remember the name). But it is an all natural, herbal thing that works ok (it really stinks though!). I usually have to take a lot (anywhere from 4-6), but I don't wake up with any of the overdose type feelings in the morning.
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    Found info on different sleep problem sites on OTC meds that may cause sleep problems and ideas on developing good sleep habits. I started by actually shortening the time I sleep and then slowly lengthening them (6 months and still working on them). I now fall asleep with 15min and usually only wake once a night. Still not getting enough "Delta" sleep but am improving. Shrink said it can take over a year. I also cut back to one cup of coffee a day and stopped drinking. I take benadryl (50mg) an hour before going to bed. I also use foam ear plugs and a white noise machine to block out noise. I also take 30mg Buspar and 20mg Ritalin a day.

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    I am still working on getting decent sleep but here are some things I have tried or heard of on this list. You can do a search at the top of the main page and get more information.

    The CD Delta Sleep System has been clinically proven to induce delta sleep. It sends out sounds underneath kind a mood soundtrack that are equivalent to delta sleep, your brain hears it and gets into line with it. Sounds odd, but it works.

    You have to play it all night--or the first part of the night--in your bedroom. It has been shown to work best during the second stage of sleep. If you just listen to it to go to sleep or as you go to sleep (1st stage) it won't work as well. ( I still have to get a stereo set up in my room. I am using headphones as I go to sleep and it still helps a bit).

    I find I really like to listen to the first 1/2 hour for naps in the afternoon. Really cools me out and makes me feel better.

    The following non-prescription sleep agents haven't worked for me but they work for some people.

    ZMA (look it up on the list search for a good explanation)
    Herbs (Valerian, Passion Flower, Skullcap, etc...)

    There are prescription drugs of all sorts from non-dependency to dependency possible

    some anti-depressants are also sleep agents like Trazodone.
    some hypnotics like Ambien
    some seizure meds work for sleep like gabitril
    then there are the Benzos like Klonopin
    then there are the opiates

    Xryem or GBH is the only drug that is shown to simply dump you into delta sleep. It is difficult to use and because of prior abuse the FDA is only allowing it to be prescribed to a certain kind of narcolepsy problem.

    Good luck!
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    In response to the sleep problem, I use elavil 25mg and though it doesn't work any miracles I do get 4-5 hours of REAL sleep and am greatful. I started out with 10mg then my doctor changed it to 50mg and I was way too groggy all day, so 25mg works for me.
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    I'm very pleased with Revitalizing Sleep Formula by PhytoPharmica developed by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD who has FMS and is in recovery mode. Go to search engine and you'll find his website that might prove very helpful.

    Hope this helps.

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