Need help...stomach pain!!!

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  1. tes

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    I need some advice on what to do about stomach pain and nausea. I have had an upper gi and numerous ultrasounds and had my blood tested for the h-pylori virus and everything has come back normal. My question is: does anyone suffer from stomach pain and nausea with no physical findings on tests or blood work. Could this be another fm symptom? It is the most awful feeling. The pain is nagging and the nausea gets at it's worst at night. If anyone can give me some home remedies, I would greatly appreciate it. I think I've read many of us with fm, suffer with nausea and stomach pain. Thanks for listening. Tes
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    I too have had stomach pain for many years. I have just learned to live with it. Some of the things I do that help alot are: I raise the head of my bed about 1 1/2 inches. This helps the acid reflux and has helped tremendously. I also take prilosec 30mg. When I am having a severe flair up as it sounds you are I drink aloe vera juice. The purest stuff that you can get. Mix it in with some juice and it is great. This will quickly heal any inflammed tissue. It really helps. I do not have the nausea with my pain but think when you get the linning healed this will go away.
    Good luck
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    Thanks for replying and for the advice. My doctor never mentioned inflamed lining, so I have no clue what to do. Did you have any findings with tests, or is it just a part of fm? Look forward to talking to you again. Thanks, Tes.
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    Its been awhile sweetie!! As I see...your having belly pain? I'm so glad all the tests so far have come out good!!
    All mine did too~but yet I still gets bouts of nasty,nawing pain in my gut! I now blame some of it on my IBS.Were you ever Dx with that? IBS can cause ALOT of stomach distress! I always figured that IBS was to small of a disease to cause ALL that pain!!well guess what? I was wrong!! If you do have need to watch everything you eat to see if its an aggravater.
    Many things make mine worse, cheese,gravys,alot of peppers and evn potatoes(potatoes I can handle a small portion)To much carbs like bread,pasta. And when it hits...I can hear rumbling and start cramping real bad!Within a hr or two I have to go to the bathroom.And it can vary with diareah or constipation.(I get both alternatly)
    (I can even sometimes feel the food moving down thru my system......with every cramp!! It can be horrible!!
    I get nausea on and off too.Especialy if I don't eat for long periods of time.Another helper is DON'T eat alot at once!! If I go out to dinner-I'll eat half and bring the other half home for the next days lunch~ I find eating too much at one sitting causes me alot of belly pain,bloating. And add fiber to your diet....but a little at atime untill your used to it. Walmart carries a cereal called Uncle Sam....its a good fiber/laxative cereal make with wheat and flaxseed!! I don't use sugar,it tastes good to me~ I hope you get relief from this soon!! I have this pain alot and I'm still trying to eliminate foods that are triggers.At one time when it was real bad,all I could eat was oatmeal,quaker quick oats!!I lived on those babys for awhile.It soothed my belly and I even shed a few Lbs.(even tho at the time I really did'nt need to)but now i could use to lose some!! I chowwed over the winter!!I think I'm around 130 and I usually weigh between 118-122~ I think i'll get back on my oats!!lol gear up for summer!!
    Lets chat soon~ best of luck on your belly problems~
    I'm here if you need anything!!
    PS i have that pain right now....I ate mashed pot.w/gravy!!UUUGGGG!!Shame,shame!
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    ...after YEARS of trying to convince my DR.s I was Sick! No Tests would convince them. After 10 years of gas, pain & rumbling, then chronic diarrhea, 2 months ago I really felt sick when I ate anything, I almost avoided eating, had diarrhea daily and lost 22lbs. without trying ! I am so thin and weak. Well, recently I got a Yeast Infection, and looked up "candidiasis" on the Internet, and came up with all kinds of Food Allergies, and "Leaky Gut Syndrome",etc, you do the same and see if you can come up with a Stomache-Friendly-Diet , too! ps. It is Not easy ! Good Luck and Good Health ! Fibromiester
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    I am so very very sorry that you are having so much pain in your tummy yet. I also get it alot. They still have not found out why I get it. say it is ibs so I guess I get to make IBS my new best friend as it to will always be with me. So other then that how have you and the family been? we are all doing very good for once. My son is doing very very good now, he had some rough times but he is doing much better now. well I hope you find some reliefe soon.
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    I have had all the test and do have esophegitus (sp??) So this is why I take the prescription meds. The aloe juice will help your tummy feel better...I promise. It is also good for mildly cleansing the bowels. Think of it this way the aloe plant juice heals burns and wounds very quickly on our skin- so it will do so on the inside too. I have suffered many years with tummy pains that are almost dibilitating. 3 days of the juice you will be feeling better.